Delicious Thai Foods Worth A Taste At Least Once


Foods of Thailand are one among the popular foods in the list. The color, texture and the taste of Thai foods are just enough to put a description of the country. Taste is not only the sole attention seeker in foods, but the smell, the color, and the presentation also attract our attention.

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Thai foods are also rich in medicinal ingredients. Seven delicious dishes of Thailand was also seen appearing in the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods” by CNN Travel. The Thai foods are mostly prepared lightly but with a strong aroma and spicy taste. They also include 3- 5 fundamental taste senses in each dishes, particularly the sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy.

Thai cuisines are one of the most popular ones. They have more dishes on the list than any other countries. Today, I am going to show you some of the popular dishes or some of the popular Thai foods which are worth a try at least once in a lifetime.

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Best Thai Food You Must Try Out:

1. Tom Yum Gung: 

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This is one of the most popular Thai dishes. It is a soup teemed with shrimps, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves. This soup is a masterpiece of Thailand. This dish sums up the sour, sweet, salty and spicy taste in a bowl. You can make it slightly more sour and healthy by adding the coconut milk and cream. This is one of the popular Thai food you will really love to taste. The taste of this dish will reveal you the real beauty of the country.

2. Gang Keow Wan:

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This Thai green curry paste made with the coconut milk, bamboo shoots, chicken, Thai basil and the eggplant along with the herbs and roots is also famous in its texture and the taste. The soupy dish is so delicious that one who tastes it once will never forget its blend of delights. One may find difficult to sop up every intricate drop, and so a plate of rice is necessary along with the dish.

3. Gang Massaman:

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This sweet curry is also known as the Massaman basically, originates from the Southern Thailand as a Halal dish. The curry is a mixture of coconut milk, strong flavor of peanuts and a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. This dish is usually pre-made with chicken and a few chunks of potatoes soaked up with the coconut milk like a sponge. Try once to get the splendid taste of the colorful country.

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4. Gang Som Pak Ruam:

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This famous Thai dish comprises of the fusion taste of the sweet, sour and spicy. It can be served with a fried omelet made from eggs or a stringy green vegetable leaf called Cha Om. It can also be served with vegetables like carrot, cabbage, and green beans. This is one of the complete taste of Thailand culture which one should try.

5.Panang Gai:

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This is another Thai dish which has a very thick and spicy taste. This red curry is a paste of fried chicken, doused with coconut cream. This dish if made incorrectly will surely explode the dynamic flavors as soon as it is dipped into your mouth. It can be served with finely chopped kaffir leaves sprinkled on top. This dish really will water your mouth just by a glance to it. You must try it once.

6. Gai Pad Pongali:

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This Thai dish is prepared with chicken, tomatoes, onions and pepper. The yellow color of the dish itself is enough to make it look delicious. The egg that is cracked into the dish to curdle and thicken the ingredients make the dish a spectacular one. The parsley added to the dish gives extra flavor to the taste.

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7. Jim Jum:

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The water spinach, cabbage, meats, beat eggs, glass noodles and the Holy Thai basil are the ingredients used to make this yummy dish. This vegetables and meat are put together into a small clay pot and is brought to a slow boiling to a nourishing hearty soup. The clay pot filled with porky aromatic broth is placed on top of a bed of charcoal. You can enjoy this dish with friends over dinner and is also a good way to relax while enjoying the taste of this Jim Jum.

8. Gang Jued:

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The clear Thai vegetable soup filled with a mixture of carrots, cabbage, onions, pork, tofu, glass noodles is another healthy dish from Thailand. This is a colorful mixture of vegetables garnished with fresh parsley to make it taste better. This dish complements the spread of other dishes and also can be easily made up for the greasier ones.

9. Kai Jiew Moo Saap:

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Everyone loves the egg omelet. The Thai style omelet is one which you can cook easily. Beat up the eggs with a dash of fish sauce and soy sauce and add the minced pork. Now deep fry the mixture into an omelet. This is best eaten with chili sauce.

10. Kao Na Phet:

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This is another special dish of Thailand. This dish is served on a plate of rice with a selection of duck parts cut and drizzled with duck stock. The fat meat of the roasted duck has more distinct flavor than chicken. Therefore, it is the specialty of the whole Asia. The delicious duck soup is served along with rice. You should really take a bite of this yummy roasted duck which goes best with the rice.

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The above mentioned delicious Thai foods are the most popular ones throughout the world. The dishes with each of their specialty carries along with then them the essence of their own country. These dishes are probably some of the favorite of many people. You can choose some of these dishes when you go to the multi cuisine restaurant the next time. Thai food is wonderful to taste. They are of low fats and fewer calories. They are healthy because the foods are mostly boiled and are without oil. Take a spoon of the delicious Thai soups and find your taste exploring the Thailand country.