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Top 5 Delicious Christmas Cupcakes

Well, it’s Christmas time!! I guess everyone is sick of waiting for this day. This is the time to gather with your family or friends and enjoy at your home. And probably some of you might be confused which Christmas cupcakes you should choose for celebrating your Christmas. But no worries folks, you will find here the best Christmas cupcakes for celebrating with your family and friends.

best christmas cupcakes

In this post, I have come out with the best and the latest collections of Christmas cakes only for you. Here you will know about the recipes of this delicious Christmas cupcakes and be able to make it on your home and have it together with your families. So check out the full article!!

List of different types of Cupcakes for Christmas:

Cupcakes are small mini cakes for you there is no age required to eat cupcakes 😛 . There are different outstanding delicious Cupcakes especially for Christmas day, here I have picked up the top five cupcakes just for you on this Christmas day. Let us check them one by one.

1. Christmas Jumper Cupcakes:

I just love having this Christmas jumper Cupcakes. I really like to eat them too. Last Christmas I and my family gave a gift of Christmas jumper Cupcakes to one of my relatives. They really love the taste. Just see the way these jumper cupcakes look. The topping of cupcakes is designed with a jumper which is edible too. Isn’t this lovely? These jumper cakes are tastier and sweeter than any other cupcakes.

Christmas jumper cupcakes

These cupcakes look exactly like the sweater you wear in winter. With the colorful toppings of jumper cupcakes, it is just wow. Your Christmas will be full of colors. I recommend you make these cupcakes in different colors. You can make them for your family members and your dear ones on the Christmas Eve.

In order to make the delicious yummy cupcakes for your Christmas, you will need to note down the recipes and following ingredients that I am going to share with you.


  • 15g chocolate fondant.
  • 5g orange modeling paste.
  • 20g gray modeling paste.
  • 20-25g sky modeling paste.
  • 20g red modeling paste.
  • 20g blue modeling paste.
  • 20g gray modeling paste.
  • 20g green modeling paste.
  • Black sugar pearls and various sprinklers.
  • 150g white modeling paste for topping and making polar bears.
  • Batch of these colorful and decorated cupcakes.
  • Batch of basic cupcakes with some baking cups.

Equipment you will need:

  • A sharp knife.
  • A soft brush.
  • A cocktail stick.
  • Sticking water brush.
  • Rolling pin.
  • 3mm circle plunger cutter.
  • 58mm double-sided cookie cutter.
  • Drying sponge.


To make Jumper cupcakes is quite an easy process. First of all for baking and icing your cupcakes you will need to roll white color modeling paste and cut 12 circles just like the designs of the flower. With the help of drying sponge, you can leave the flower paste to get dried.

For making the cute red color jumpers, you have to roll the red colored paste and cut the four squares sided equally. For making the arms of the jumper, you can cut slightly around 1 cm on both the sides. To make a trim, you can stick the entire leftover piece.

Follow the same procedure for different colors of cute jumper style. While you are decorating other stuff, you can attach the jumper to the white topping I left to dry in the dry sponge. Now you can start making Rudolph. To make this eatable Rudolph, you need to cut into an egg shape with any sharp thingy. Roll a small and tiny red ball for the nose and use black sprinklers for Rudolph’s eyes.

You have to decorate this Christmas cupcake in such a way that it taste delicious as well as look lovely. I am sure this Christmas cupcakes recipes will impress everyone as the cupcakes is having cute and creative looks and is tasty too. 

2. Glamorous Fairy Cakes:

This Christmas cupcake looks exactly like the fairies. It’s so white and looks fresh. Even the taste is just yummy. It is perfect for a child. Even when served on the plates it just looks glamorous. It is so delicious that the moment you put inside your mouth, it will just melt away. Its creamy toppings with strawberries will blow your mind. I loved the way these cupcakes are being prepared.

glamorous fairy cupcakes

These pretty glamorous Christmas cupcakes recipes are mostly served in the afternoon with your tea break. You can share these cupcakes with your friends and mates during Christmas day. I would surely give a 5-star rating for such extraordinary cupcakes. If you wish to learn the recipes of Glamorous Fairy Cupcakes then below, I have mentioned the procedure.

It is quite an easy process. All you have to do is remember the points which are important and learn how to prepare a tutorial.


  • Very well softened 150g butter.
  • Caster Sugar for the taste 150g.
  • 2-3 medium eggs.
  • 30g cornflour or custard powder.
  • Green and Pink colorings edible.
  • Strawberry jam for the toppings.
  • Edible flowers.
  • Crystallized creamy texture.

Method: 15-20 minutes:

Turn on the oven to 180c and put a paper case in a bun hole. Put sugar and butter together in a bowl and mix it unless it is soft. Now break the eggs into a large bowl and mix along with a vanilla cream. To make an icing, you can mix butter and sugar and add some of the colorings together.

Cool, the cakes completely in the tray. Now you can decorate with some sprinklers or any fruit toppings. Now you are ready with your Glamorous Fairy Cupcakes. You can serve these delicious cupcakes during the Christmas day and share your cupcakes with your family. This method is very simple and very easy to prepare.

3. Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes:

If you haven’t seen a Christmas tree cupcakes before then, you should definitely experience this colorful and decorated cupcakes this year. This cupcake will surely keep your Christmas memory for your lifetime.

The Christmas tree cupcakes is decorated in such a way that at the whole cupcake looks like a Christmas tree. Moreover, the taste of this cupcake is very delicious, but you need to take care of the tree part as it may fall suddenly if you are not careful.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

At the base of the tree, they used sugar cones and the stem of the tree is made from candy cane. And it is covered with snowflake sprinkles which make the Christmas tree cupcake very cute. I hope you will be very much interested by seeing the decorations of the cupcake, am I right? So don’t think more and it will be perfect for your Christmas.


  • Well softened 200g butter.
  • Golden caster sugar 200g.
  • 2 to 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
  • 2 teaspoon of milk.
  • 200g of self-raising flour.


At first, turn on the oven to 180C then mix the butter, vanilla, and sugar in a bowl properly. Mix it until it becomes pale. Now add one or two eggs in it and mix it again properly. After that, you need to add half flour and milk until it becomes flat and broad. Now bake the mixture for 12 to 15 minutes. Now cool the complete mixture with the help of tray. Make mini cakes as many s as possible; nearly 24 mini cakes will be enough.

While cooling the cake, you need to prepare for icing. For icing, you can add butter and icing sugar. After that, in order to make the color, you can add vanilla to make it more attractive. As soon as your cake becomes cool, you have to make a hole in the base of the cake.

Now you need to prepare for making Christmas tree. You can use foam cone for making Christmas tree and paint it with green color and leave it to dry. Now put a candy stick into the base of each cake. After that spray your chocolate star gold over the foam cone and decorate the trees with sweets. That’s it your Christmas tree cupcake is ready.

4. Little Frosty Christmas Cupcakes:

For preparing this cupcake, it will take only 15 minutes for preparing and 30 to 35 minutes to cook. I can say that this cupcake has been my favorite for all time. If you see the view of this little frosty cupcake, you will feel like eating them. This cupcake is decorated like a frost on top of the cake.

I can assure you that this little frosty cupcake will be the best choice for your Christmas day as it is very easy to prepare and it will take 1 hour at the most for making this cupcake along with decoration.

little frosty cupcakes

Not only me but also many people recommend this cupcake during Christmas day. So if you are planning for enjoying with your families and friends at your home, then I would suggest you choose this cute little frosty cupcake.


  • 200g of butter.
  • 2 teaspoon of apricot jam.
  • Caster sugar for 50g.
  • 1 medium size egg.
  • 50 to 60g of caster sugar.
  • 500g of natural marzipan.
  • 50 to 60g of icing sugar.
  • 15 cranberries.
  • Gold ribbon.

Method (20 to 30 minutes):

In this method of Christmas cupcakes frost you need to heat an oven up to 180c and then line the bottoms by giving circles using nonstick baking paper. Now bake the cake in an oven for around 30 minutes until it becomes golden brown in color. After that, you need to cool down the cake so that you can handle it properly.

Now make the top surface flat with the help of a knife, and then melt the jam with warm water. Now form an eight golf ball-sized balls shape of marzipan. After that using a rolling pin, roll the balls into a flat similar to the dimensions of the cake. Put the marzipan on the sides of the cakes.

After that break the egg white until it broke up and then sprinkles the caster sugar all over the plate. Now insert the rosemary and cranberries inside the egg white, your cake will show a frosty appearance. Now leave it for few minutes. Now decorate your cupcake using gold ribbon, and finally, your little frosty Christmas cupcake is ready.

5. Hot Little Christmas cupcakes:

This hot little Christmas cupcake is perfect for celebrating Christmas day. The taste of this cupcake is very sweet and yummy as the out portion of this cupcake is covered with full of creams.

In order to prepare this hot little Christmas cupcakes you will need only 15 to 20 minutes so you can make your delicious cupcake in a short time at your home itself, isn’t it amazing?

hot little cupcakes

Moreover, the popularity of this hot little Christmas cupcakes is spreading all over the world during Christmas time and the main reason behind this is it looks very cute, tasty and very easy to prepare. It is a perfect cupcake for children. I had already experienced this delicious cupcake last year, and on this Christmas time, I am going to prepare this for sure.


  • Perfect melted butter of 50 to 60g.
  • Plain flour for 50 to 60g
  • 1 teaspoon of mixed spice
  • 1 medium sized egg
  • Small amount of dried cherries and berries
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Small amount of honey
  • One-fourth teaspoon of baking powder
  • Dark muscovado-50g.


In this method, you need to add grease and flour in 4 small ramekins and keep aside. After that put all kinds of ingredients except berries and cherries into a bowl or jar. Now put into a large jug or a bowl by using a hand blender, you keep on blending until it is completely combined with all the mixtures. While you stir, put the dried fruit in your cake mixture.

Now you need to heat the oven up to 230C/fan 210C/gas 8. After that divide, the mixture one into ramekins and bake for 15 minutes until the cake is puffed up and the color is golden. Now take the cakes out into the plates and on top of it scoop down the vanilla ice cream and pour honey on top of the cake.

I hope you will have a great enjoyment with your friends and families in this Christmas festive with this yummy and cute looking cupcakes. These beautiful Christmas Cupcakes are really amazing to have in this cold Christmas season with your families or mates. If you do have any other queries then you can comment down below.