Bob Hairstyle For Oval Face | The Right Celebrity Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyle For Oval Face | The Right Celebrity Hairstyles

When speaking about any face shape, oval face design is the most versatile one. So you are the luckiest girl to have such ideal face. Ovals look good mostly with Bob hairstyle. However, you must maintain your bob hairstyle for oval face to look stunning & smart. Apart from that other face shape also matches the bob hairstyle but the most versatile face shape for bob hairstyle is an oval shape.

bob hairstyle for oval face

Looking forward, I have gathered a list of 10 bob hairstyles for oval face. Read on below to get a gorgeous looking hair for oval face. We believe that you will love the hairstyle which we have gathered some information looking after your oval face. Below are the lists of styles of hair.

12 Bob Hairstyles For Oval Face:

  1. Short Bob:
  2. Long Blunt Bob:
  3. Cute Medium Wavy Bob:
  4. Soft Curly Hairstyle for Oval Face:
  5. Pixie Bob:
  6. Side Swept Bob
  7. Retro Style
  8. Straight Hairstyle
  9. Messy Hairstyle
  10. Voluminous Bob with Front Bangs:
  11. Thick Straight Bob
  12. Hairstyle With Fringes

These are some of the quick looks about types of hairstyles, I will proceed further in details along with pictures.

#1. Short Bob:

Bob haircuts for oval face look sexy, especially on Emma Watson. The Hollywood Beauty and the Beast Queen looks stunning in short bob hairstyle for oval face. Apart from that, this hairstyle gives you a feminine feeling that brings out the beauty without words.

short bob hairstyle for oval face

To style this hair is very simple, all you have to do is take a rolling hair brush and roll your hair underneath. Along with that, apply a wet styling product that will look mesmerizingly hot. If you want to create a sexy look then apply some bright maroon matte lipstick.

#2. Long Blunt Bob:

If you are troubled with both long and short hair then we bring forward the long blunt bob hairstyles for oval face. With this hairstyle, you will have the natural look which is a great way to bring up your style. This hair has slight long layered in the front and shorter at the back.

short haircuts for oval faces

Once you try this hairstyle, you will look absolutely gorgeous. To style, you will need a hair straightener and a serum for a smooth finish. Or, if you have a natural straight hair then that’s far better.

#3. Cute Medium Wavy Bob:

To soften your looks and to have formal look, wavy cute medium bob hairstyle for oval face will suit the best. In fact, these hairstyles suits to any face shape with a soft touch. However, with soft curls, the haircut looks fashionable and trendy. And this dark blonde color looks just beautiful to anyone.

medium bob hairstyle for oval faces

To apply the above-given picture hairstyle, you will require a curling iron and a styling product. Now you are ready with your simple feminine look.

#4. Soft Curly Hairstyle for Oval Face:

When you have curly hair, you just get messed with what hairstyle would you choose. In that situation, this short bob soft curl hairstyle will make the right choice. Let me speak about my experience, I also have a curly hair just like yours, but I end up messing it more with many styling products. Later, one of my mates gave me a perfect haircut which I love it.

soft curly hairstyle for oval face

So, you can also bring the natural curly look as the same way like the picture image. A little short bob will look smarter and bolder. Also, do not skip the volume mousse to create volume to your hair.

#5. Pixie Bob:

Pixie-bob hairstyle for oval face looks so cool. It seems like you are the center of attraction with a straight bold elegant look. Take some sections of your hair and side swept it like layers. Instantly, after a haircut, you will look as if like you are strong from inside.

bob hairstyle for oval face

#6. Straight Hairstyle:

This straight bob hairstyle for oval face looks extraordinary with side swept. To get this hairstyle, you don’t need any straightener or curler. All you need is a good hair serum.

Part your hair from the side and give a slight brush to your hair. Take care of your hair just like you have got gold from a pot.

bob hairstyle for oval face

And if your hair is curly, then ask your hairstylist to give you a natural curly bob hair and you will definitely love the flaws.

#7. Retro Bob Hairstyle for Oval Face:

Retro determines that has happened in the past. As a matter of fact, this hairstyle is pulled from the past trend with a new outlook. Retro no longer seems to look modern but now this style has been modified and chosen by so many Hollywood and Bollywood divas.retro style bob hair cuts

Selena Gomez really suits with this retro look. As you know that wearing a retro curly look is in fashion, show your hairstylist to give you this look. Either, you can also try it alone bu yourself wit a curling iron and a hairspray.

#8. Straight Hairstyle:

For instance, if you have a fine straight dark black hair then we recommend not to style it in any other design. Just cut in till shoulder and leave it straight. Further, this gives you a different unique look. Your friends will love your sleek and shiny pointed hair and for more uniqueness apply dark shades of eyeliner or eyeshadow.

straight short bob hairstyle for oval face

9. Messy Bob Hairstyle for Oval Face:

This messy hairstyle is looking stunning for an oval shape face. Although it looks messy they also create a different style of hairdressing for oval face. The requirements to get this hairstyle are curler and a strong hairspray to hold firm. In addition to it, just with a touch take little a strands of hair and pulled it for a messy look.

oval face haircuts female

When it is done, apply a hairspray for holding strongly. Bring some fringes of hair in the forehead and you are completely done.

#10. Voluminous Bob with Front Bangs:

voluminous bob with front bangs

A thin hair looks awkward when it is short-medium bob. But it looks very beautiful when you have a thick looking hair along with fringes in the front. It is very difficult to go on with this hairstyle. As a result, people with oval face shape can truly match this hairstyle. Do learn how to care and style your hair with some hair smoothening tips. 

#11. Thick Straight Bob:

This is another straight short bob haircuts for oval faces. It is very easy to style this hair and you do not need hours to get hair dressed properly. If you give your hair a light blonde shade then you will look absolutely gorgeous. Give a slight touch with a straightener and a serum for a glossy look.

thick straight bob #12. Hairstyle with Fringes:

During summer because of extreme heat sometimes you wish to chop your hair off. Am I right? Definitely yes, but that does not mean you have tough time styling your hair. Well, we have a beautiful image given below that gives you a smart short bob even though it is short. Simply curl it below and you are ready to go out in summer.

hairstyle with fringes

Therefore, with so many bob hairstyle for oval face, I hope that now you got a proper idea how to style your bob hair. All of the above lists of short haircuts do look way prettier to oval faces. If you love them sent me a feedback.

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