The Best Time And Place To Visit Goa

India has many beautiful and incredible places to visit. Out of which Goa is one of the most beautiful place you can not simply ignore. It is the smallest state of India which was once the occupied by the Portuguese. It is the one of the most richest and the most beautiful state of the India. Panaji is the capital of the state and Vasco Da Gama is the largest city of the state.

Goa, with its beauty, has been an attraction to many tourists across the world. Large number of international and domestic tourist visits Goa for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture.


Goa is a unique place where you can visit at any time of the year. Its beauty is everlasting. Every places in Goa is worth a visit. It was ranked the best place state and also ranked top for the best quality of life in India.

Today, I am going to share with you, the best time to visit this beautiful place and will also show you some of the best places you can visit in Goa.

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Best time to visit Goa:


1. November to February can be the best time to visit this beautiful state of India. The pleasant and cool weather you get during these months perhaps may be the perfect time to relax yourself on the sea benches. You will find absolutely different among many tourist from across the world during this time.

The month of December brings a lot of festivals, the Christmas and the New Year celebration being the part of it. This will be the best time for you to take part and enjoy among thousands of visitors and tourist in this beautiful place. Therefore, book your flight in advance to fly to this wonderful place and get yourself experience the best of enjoyment during this time.

goa during winter

2. The next season during the month of March to May, when the weather turns hot and humid, it can be a little unpleasant time to visit Goa. But the beauty of the place will not loose its quality. It can turn to be the best time to visit this place if you want to spent little. At this time, you can the hotel accommodation at a reasonable price. Unlike winter, this time does not have much of activities and celebration, yet it can serve best if you want to have a little day break from your work and spend time with your beloved ones.

goa during march

3. Goa is best to visit during Monsoon. It is the best time to view the lush green countryside of the state. The festival of Sao-Joao held during the late June, may be the reason that makes the monsoon the best time to visit this beautiful place. In this festival, the men jumps into wells to fetch the local alcohol called Feni. It is really fun to view this festival. Good bargain for the hotel accommodation may be also another reason which makes the season best time to visit Goa.

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festival of goa

Best places to visit Goa:

Besides these, Goa is gifted with the most beautiful places which you will not like to missed out. There are many wonderful and beautiful places in Goa which has marked the state one of the main favourite spot of visit for tourists. Here, I am going to mention some of the places of Goa which are worth a visit in case you would like to know about them before you visit.

place in goa

1. Church of Goa: This beautiful church of St Francis of Assisi, built by the Portuguese as a chapel, in the year 1660, is a remarkable heritage construction with beautiful and impressive sculptures and paintings. This can not be just the one you would like to skip in your itinerary.


2. Goa Waterfall: The famous waterfall of Goa, the Dudhsagar Falls is a beautiful place to visit. It is India’s fifth highest waterfall. the multi-tiered waterfall is one of the tourist spot of Goa which every tourist is attracted to. You should also probably check this place out and witness the natural habitat of Goa.


3. Small tower of Goa: This fort is an architectural marvel of the 17th century, built by the Portuguese to defend their land from the British. This beautiful fort has now become the tourist attraction. Aguada fort is a breathtaking view you must see while touring Goa. The lower portion of the fort has been converted into a beach resort adding more charm to the beauty of the fort.

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tourist spot of goa

4. Beaches of Goa: The beaches of Goa are just worthy of praise. The state being on the side of the western ghats of India has a long border with the Arabian sea.There are many beautiful beaches in Goa which you will surely love to visit. The Baga, Calangute, Anjuna and the Colva bordering the northern coastline is much more livelier than the southern beaches like Arambol, Palolem and the Galgibaga beaches.

places of visit in goa

These beautiful beaches where different kinds of foods and drinks are available are most beautiful places of Goa. Your holidays will not be complete if you haven’t visit these beaches.beautiful beach

5. Science Centre: With the main objective of developing the science inclination among the young generation, this science centre of Goa has also attract the tourist lately. It was constructed in the year 2001 and has been serving the perfect and best place for entertaining you and your family. This is also one of the best place to see when you go to visit Goa.

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goa science centre


Besides the above mentioned places, there are many more beautiful places of Goa you would like to see. I just have highlighted some of them. Goa itself is a beautiful place. The location of the state and the long coastline of the state with the sea has turned the place the favourite for everyone. If you have Goa as your visiting place at any time, the places mentioned above will surely be the place you would like to see. Your vacation can not simply be completed without seeing these places of Goa. So, plan your best time and best place to visit in Goa this year to enjoy life to the fullest.

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