Best Time And Places To Visit Shimla

beautiful shimla

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, the evergreen pine forest and the stunning view of temple-topped mountains. Shimla is one of the Largest and the best Hill station in India. The beauty, charm, and the eye-stoned scenery attract the tourists from all over the world every year.

best time and place to visit shimla

It is said that Shimla is made by the Goddess herself. It has been blessed with all the natural bounties and colors. If you ever plan to visit the hill station in India, Shimla is the magnificent place you must visit.

Today I will be telling about the best season and places that you must visit in Shimla, because if you don’t know any good season to visit the best hill station in India, then it will be worthless. Thus, here below I will be sharing about the best time and places to visit Shimla.

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Best time to Visit Shimla:

As I have said that the season plays a major role in hill stations of India. The appearance of Shimla changes in every season. Shimla can be visited in any seasons of the year according to you because in every season you will get to see the different color of Shimla.

Summer (March to June): Except the pleasant hill stations the weather of Shimla is quite warm, and the temperature is very comfortable to visit. This is the best season to visit Shimla because in summer you will be able to see the beautiful mountains and valleys clearly.

shimla in summer season

Monsoon (July to September): This is really not the best time to visit the hill station because in Monsoon season it is very rainy which is really tiresome. But I must say in monsoon season Shimla is the best place for honeymoon 🙂

shimla in monsoon season

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Winter (October to February): If you want to enjoy snowfall in the hill station of India then Winter season is the best season to visit Shimla. Again, the bone crushing winter is the season which you would find the best season in Shimla along with the snowfall.

shimla in winter season

Best places to visit Shimla:

1. Temples: Shimla also known for its famous temples. Most of the temples situated in the hill peaks. The temples not only show the beauty of great architecture and the structure but it shows the strong belief to the religion of the local people. These are some famous temples in Shimla:

Kamna Devi Temple: Kamna Devi Temple is one of the oldest Temple in Shimla. It is located on the hill known as Prospectus hill.kamna devi mandir

Taradevi Temple: Among the oldest temples in Shimla Tara, the devi  temple is situated in a peaceful environment on the top of the hill.

Jakhu Temple: Jakhu temple, a hundred years old temple located on the hill called Jakhu hill. Placed middle of the forest the interesting part of this temple is the monkeys are everywhere of the temple.

jakhu temple

Kalibari Temple: Beautiful and religious Kali Bari temple are one of the most famous and oldest temple dedicated to goddess Kali.

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Sankat Mochan Temple: Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Sankat Mochan Temple is one of the most popular Hanuman temples second to Jakhu Temple. With the peaceful environment, this temple holds the superb view of the Himalayan ranges.

sankat mochan mandir

2. Chadwick Falls: Surrounded by the dense forest Chadwick Falls is the most attractive place in Shimla. After monsoon is the best time to visit Chadwick falls as the waterfall increases to the depth of its beauty. The most beautiful and amazing place in Shimla. It is counted as one of the highest waterfalls in India. It melts the heart with its fresh breeze. If you ever want to be the witness of the wonderful sight of a waterfall, Chadwick Falls is the one.

chadwick falls

3. Green Valley: With the superb atmosphere the green valley is surrounded by pine and oak forest over the verdant hills. It is famous for its green sights which remain green throughout the year. It attracts the tourists with its beauty.With such fresh and amazing environment, it is one of the best pieces Shimla ever has.

green valley

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4. Potter Hill: Potter is the one among those seven hills where the town astonishing is located. Potter Hill is an adventurous and thrilling camping site in Shimla. It is the best thrilling campsite covered with the dense pine forest. Potter Hill is very rich in its natural beauty.

potter hill

So, these are some of the places that you will enjoy to spend your time and holidays in Shimla. If you are looking for a destination to release your stress and feel alive, then Shimla is definitely the place for you. Visit with your friends or family or your loved one, and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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