Best Time and Places to Visit in Darjeeling

If you are planning to visit beautiful places in India for holidays and still confused with the destination. Well, Darjeeling can be the best place that you can visit this season. Darjeeling is located in West Bengal, India and it lies above the sea level.

The best timing to visit Darjeeling is during the month of April to June, but it has been noticed that most of the couple love to visit Darjeeling during winter in the month of October to December. The climate condition is so chilling and will give you more enchanting of nature and romantic weather.

Places in darjeeling

The temperature is all moderate even during summer, but as the monsoon ends the winter starts with full swing. The bright sunlight and the windy cloud attracts more of tourist round the year. In fact, Darjeeling got lots of beautiful places that you can visit and have fun for your holiday.

Best Places That You Can Visit Darjeeling

You can spend time in most of the best places that I will share you here, They are like Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, The Zoological park named in memory of Padmaja Naidu and the Peace Pagoda are the places that are mostly attracted by the tourist and it is visited round the year with foreign tourist also.

#Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: 

It is well known for its hill climbing institutes, you can visit this place as it is good to see the hill climbers over here and you can take a new thrilling experience. But although it is not well maintained till the date.

places in darjeeling

#Batasis Loop: 

You can also visit this beautiful place Batasia if you are likely to visit the garden with the toy train in it. This also includes all the heritage site into it as that is so amazing.

Here are the best place to visit in India.

places in darjeeling

#Barbotey Rock Garden: 

This rock garden can be the best place if you want to have an excitement. You must visit this wonderful place it includes many rocks curved and very awesome place for holidays.

places in darjeeling

#Tinchuley Village: 

You must visit this village Whenever you do come down to Darjeeling. It is a heaven fall of Darjeeling with wonderful scenery and view that attracts most of the tourist.

places in darjeeling


 You can also visit the world highest railway station that is located in Darjeeling. The name of the place is Ghoom and the railway station is named after it. You can also visit the famous places like the memorial of Gorkha soldiers.

places in darjeeling

#Darjeeling to Ghum Toy Train Ride:

 You can also visit lots of tea garden and the toy train in Darjeeling is so famous about it. Take your family for a ride and enjoy the beauty of mother nature and also the mountain Kanchenjunga covered with the snow clad make Darjeeling more attractive and beautiful.

places in darjeeling

#Hotels in Darjeeling: 

There are many fine hotels that you can accommodate for yourself and families and have the view of the perfect cool scenery. Visiting Darjeeling will not drive your pocket with a hole, as it will run you on a cheaper budget.

places in darjeeling


Lava can be the best hill station in Darjeeling that you need to visit, it’s perfect scenery will cheer you totally drive you crazy.

places in darjeeling

Best Time For Tourist in Darjeeling

The best time to visit Darjeeling is in summer between the month of March to May and during winter between October to November. This two season are the best time you can enjoy in Darjeeling and it is the peak time for all the tourist to visit this beautiful place.

Visiting Darjeeling during summer will give you pleasant cold weather and the sky with blueish lovely color will make you more enjoyable about nature. Although summer is noticed as a short period in Darjeeling, whereas if you visit during autumn you will have the chance to view the beautiful scenery of mother nature and the snow clad over the mountain Kanchenjunga gives a perfect and pleasant view. That attracts more to the tourist and the weather is so cool and pleasant. It will be a bad idea to visit during winter i,e. December to February it will be extreme cold.

Get the best suggestion to go to off season trips.

best places to roam in darjeeling

If you are still confused about this lovely place Darjeeling tries visiting this autumn along with your better half or your families and surprised her. Visiting during Autumn you can have a chance to see lots of flowers blooming and also the snowfall most probably.

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  1. It is a my dream place to visit and after reading you blog my willingness to go Darjeeling is increasing so much . i must try to go Darjeeling as much soon as possible. thanks for sharing us that type of information.

    • Yes Nikhil,
      You must visit Darjeeling at least once. You can say it is the second heaven of Indian 😀 The places are awesome

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