Best Time and Places to Visit Dehradun


Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand, lies in the northern part of India is a beautiful place to visit. It lies in the foothills of the Himalayas between the two mighty rivers, the Ganga  in the east and the Yamuna in the west. This city is famous for its beautiful landscape and tourist destinations.

Dehradun is also known as the ‘Rainy City’ of India due to the continuous fall of rain especially during the monsoon. This city is also located in the center of national defense production. Dehradun is having many wonderful destination for every type of tourist divided into five areas: nature, sports, sanctuary, museums, and institutions. This city is also famous for there are many temples in the city.


If you are planning for a country tour or for holidays in different cities in India, you will surely not like to skip this beautiful city. The beauty of this city itself should be the reason for your attraction towards it. Today, let us explore the city of Dehradun and find out the best time and places of visit in the capital city of Uttarakhand.

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Best Time to Visit Dehradun:

Dehradun remains beautiful in every season, you can visit the city at any time of the year. In each season you visit, the beauty of the city has a different charm to welcome you. The season between the month of March to June is when maximum people comes to visit Dehradun. The clear and pleasant weather of the summer is just perfect for everyone to enjoy and have some adventurous activities in your trip.

dehradun in summer

If you want to view the lush green and rain washed landscape, then during the month of July to September will be the best time for you to visit this beautiful this city. The beauty of this city will simply tempt you towards it and stay there for some few days with your family enjoying the beautiful nature.

green dehradun

The autumn is the time when the weather cools down. The winter brings down the snow fall in the hill stations. It is great to see the awesome Dehradun soaked in winter sunshine. This time you will have to carry heavy woolen clothes with you to visit this place during winter. The city gets very cold during winter season and the best part is that the whole city gets covered with beautiful white snow, you know the city itself turn in to very romantic in winter season.

dehradun in snowfall

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Best Places to Visit in Dehradun:

There are several beautiful places in Dehradun which are worth of a visit at least once in a year. I will be showing you some of the most beautiful places in Dehradun which are best for a visit.

1. Robbers Cave:

This cave is the favorite picnic spot for maximum young people. It is located near the Anarwala village. The cold stream of water between the natural beauty of the cave is just one of which you should not miss. If you are here in Dehradun and yes this place is very uch adventurous.

robbers cave

2. Buddha Temple:

The Buddha temple located at the Clement Town is one of the centre of attraction for many tourists. It is famous for the Buddha structure, as you can see in the picture given below that the statue of the Buddha is very huge and therefore is the most visited place of Dehradun.

buddha temple

3. Asan Barrage:

The Asan Barrage is situated near the junction of the two perennial rivers, the Asan and the Yamuna. The lakes attract every visitors across the world. There are also different species of birds seen in this area.

asan barrage

4. Sahastradhara:

The thousand fold springs called the Sahastradhara is one of the best tourist destination. It is just 14 km away from the Dehradun city. The beautiful waterfalls and caves are just worthy to be viewed.

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5. Tapkeshwar Temple:

The holy temple of Lord Shiva located on the bank of the Asan River is also one among the best tourist spot. The continuous water droplets dropping on the shivling is truly a wonderful thing to see.

tapkeshwar temple in Dehradun

6. Clock Tower:

The clock tower is a major landmark and attraction to many tourists. This clock tower was built much before independence. Almost all the vehicles of the city pass by this tower.

clock tower

7. The Forest Research Institute:

The beautiful infrastructure of the Forest Research Institute (FRI) is one which you can not simply ignore. Besides the building, the botanical garden, the green field and the forest museums are one you will like to see.

Forest research institute

8. Khalanga War Memorial:

The Khalanga War Memorial which depicts the story of the Gorkhas is one of the best and famous tourist spots in Dehradun. It is located just 5 km away from the city. This war memorial is the world’s first war memorial built by and army for their opponent.

khalanga war memorial

9. Shikhar Fall:

This Shikhar Fall is one of the famous picnic spots for many. If you are going to visit Dehradun, you and your friends or family along with whom you go can take this place to your picnic spot. You will find different species of butterflies and birds in this place which makes the place colorful and beautiful.

sikhar fall in Dehradun

10. Gurudwara Nanaksar:

This is a famous religious place in Dehradun dedicated for the Sikhs. It was founded by Baba Gurudev Jee in 1973. The chanting of prayers and devotional songs in this temple will take you spiritually in a higher level. This is a beautiful and peaceful place which you should visit.

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11. Malsi Deer Park:

If you are a wildlife lover, this Malsi Deer Park is best for you to visit in Dehradun. It is a zoological park or garden where you and you family can have fun seeing the animals here. This is also another place of Dehradun which you will not want to skip.

malsi deer park

12. Fun Valley:

Located in the golden triangle of Uttarakhand, this Fun Valley is an amusement park. It is best for kids and even elders to have some fun in the water park or get some relaxation. You can take your family there, to have some amusements and make your holiday more interesting and fun.

fun valley


Dehradun indeed is a beautiful place to visit. In a small state of Uttarakhand, the city stands with is peculiar features of beauty which one can not simply ignore. The beauty of this small city has a lot to add to the beauty of this big country. I have mentioned some of the best time and perfect places of Dehradun which you can visit. Therefore, go around the city to explore more of the beauty of the city and also the country as well. Get your bags packed and simply move out setting a proper plan only to visit and view the beauty of this small city to have great, exciting and wonderful experience.

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