Best Places To Visit in Bonaire | Best For Every Traveller

Best Places To Visit in Bonaire | Best For Every Traveller

Bonaire is a breathtaking island which is located in the Leeward Antilles, which is perhaps in the Caribbean Sea. It is usually a group of islands that is formed together with Aruba and Curacao and is popularly known as the “ABC islands”. To travel this place from the north coast of South America it is not that far just will take you 100 miles of the journey. And the place is located near the western part of Venezuela. Speaking of the climatic conditions of the island it has an arid climate that makes it best for tourism. Today we will discuss with you about the best places to visit in Bonaire in brief.

When it comes to Scuba diving there is no doubt that Bonaire is an amazing place to be. It is among the top list of the most visited and popular travel destination in the world. Karlendijk is the capital of Bonaire and the population of the island is over 20,000 covering an area of the 294km square. The visitors of this island will get experience its warm and sunny weather and colourful surroundings and Sea bodies. To know about the wonderful places of Bonaire island read it till the end.

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List of the Best Places to Visit in Bonaire:

Bonaire Klien:

The Bonaire Klien is one of the reasons why people love to visit Bonaire National Marine Park. It is flat and uninhabited islet that lies over 800 meters off Bonaire concave, west coast. The place is fringed with the white sands and coral reefs teeming with the marine life. And the Bonaire Klien Island is a favourite for those who love to go for dive and snorkelers. Most of the dive locations can be accessed right from the shore. And there is a no-name beach which is the finest beaches in this place. Travels to this island will need to bring their own food or the shade protection, etc.

Bonaire Underwater Caves:

Bonaire is an amazing coral reef that appears out of the ocean.  And there is a network of around 400 caves on the Bonaire island. Due to which it is difficult for people to build a house on this island above the cave. There is an entrance to the dark caves on the island and it is highly suggested not to travel or go alone on this island. And go to the underwater caves only if you are professional divers or else one must try to visit underwater.

Bonaire Lac Bay:

Lac Bay is located on the eastern side of the Bonaire windward side. It is an amazing spot for those who love to do windsurfing. The water surface is a smooth and wit steady environment that makes perfect for windsurfing. It is suggested for both the beginner and advanced windsurfers. Apart from that in Bonaire Lac Bay stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking is excellent in the Caribbean.

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Bonaire, Washington -Slagbaai National Park:

Washington-Slagbaai National Park occupies an area of over 1/5th of the island of Bonaire.  The area of the park is covered with hillsides of a cactus-filled area along with mangrove, salt pans & the beaches. The best way to visit all the places of the park is driving a four-wheeler vehicle due to its rugged dirt roads. Also, the best place to go for the sightseeing of several species of the birds, turtles, herons and lots more. And there is the highest point on the island which is Subi Brandaris where you can enjoy the view of the area of the island.

Bonaire Tour of Mangrove Kayak:

Enjoy the tour to the Mangrove kayak forest guided by the Mangrove information centre. Especially through the forest of Lac Bay and speaking of the seagrass beds is just fertile. The environment for the marines living beings is overwhelming and they include green turtles, conch, lobsters, fish and many more. Speaking of the water it is clear, shallow and is absolutely amazing for snorkelling. And by paddling over the environment of mangrove kayak tour, you will see the plants and animals of the place survive is wonderful.  And the tours are also given in a solar boat for who don’t wish to go with Kayak.

Bonaire Kralendijk:

Coral reef is the meaning of Kralendijk which is perhaps the capital of Bonaire. It is the main port of Bonaire and the town is known for bright pastel color and Dutch colonial houses. And the main spot of shopping is Breedestraat where you will get to buy shell art, clothe and local carvings too. Visit the nearby museum that is Terramar Museum to learn the history of Bonaire and the Caribbean too.

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Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary:

To enjoy the view of a group of a donkey you can visit the Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary. It will make you warm and put a smile on your face. And these donkeys were first brought in the 17th century by the Spaniards. The injured and sick donkeys are being rescued by the sanctuary nursing the orphaned animals and bring them to good health.

Final Words:

Here we have provided to you necessary information regarding the best places to visit in Bonaire. Now it is up to you which spot or locations of the place do wish to visit in the island of Bonaire. Do adventurous things like diving and hiking in to the Caribbean islands and several locations of the place. Experience the beauty of the island and have complete fun in the place like you have never done before in your life.

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