Mesmerizing Best Places In Nagaland Must Visit Before You Die

Mesmerizing Best Places In Nagaland Must Visit Before You Die

Northeastern India has been globally recognized for its rich culture and breathtaking natural phenomenon for decades. The region is being visited and appreciated by millions of National and International tourists. The region is summed with seven small Indian states and is called 7-sisters in combined.

One of the remarkable states among these 7-sisters is the Nagaland. The place is spotted at 1444 meter above sea-level. Its picturesque natural beauty and historical monuments convinced its visitors to drop by over again.

Its placid atmosphere and high humidity climate is a plus point to the tourists from a hot, crowded place.

Apart from sightseeing, there are enormous options for adventure such as jungle camping, trekking, rock climbing, etc.

Mesmerizing Best Places in Nagaland

The Hornbill Festival (Help first week of December every year)  which is also called “Festival of Festivals” is the best event to witness its core of culture.

Best Places in Nagaland to Visit Least Once in Life

Nagaland has a lot to offer. This is a dream place where you find indigenous people never forgetting their roots yet beautifully reorganized themselves with the modern touch.

Here are the best places in Nagaland to get lost into.

1: Dimapur

This is the largest city that officially welcomes you to Nagaland. The city is also remarked as state’s commercial center. It has a perfect appearance of the outcome when nature, culture, history, and fashion blends together.

Dimapur tour

The fashionable residents and Dimapur Ao Baptist Church replicates modernism. On the other hand, the Handloom & Handicraft Emporium and the Diezephe Craft Village showcases its never fading indigenous breeze.

As you are a natural beauty admirer, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary, Green Park, etc. keeps you busy.

rangapahar reserve forest

And lastly, the 10th century’s Kachari Ruins whispers many untold tales.

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2: Kohima:

The hilly capital city of the state is a perfect destination for tourists for its mesmerizing landscapes, valleys, and historical monuments. People destined to adventure would love the place the most as it offers various options for jungle camping, hiking, and trekking.

The place was one of the most remarkable victims of World War II and still sheds the tear of many brave soldier’s souls. When you step into the World War II Cemetry located at the heart of Kohima city, a comfortable sadness and love will surround you.

World War II Cemetry

The city also showcases its cultural assets in the Heritage Museum and Crafts Centre, Sate Museum, etc.

While the Japfu Peak and greenish Dzukou Valley tends to make you lost into the mother-nature, the Shilloi Lake, Kisama Heritage Village, Kohima Cathedral, and Khonama Village are the must visit within Kohima range.

3: Kiphire:

The small sub-town of the state located at Kiphire district is widely known for its rich natural beauty. While you are at the Kiphire city, some of the must visit places are

  • Saramati Peak
  • Mihki (The River of Salt)
  • Sukhayap Rock Cliff
  • Caves of Mimi
  • Caves of Salomi
  • Wawade Waterfall 
  • Yingphi
  • Siphi
  • Twin Stones

saramati peak

Among these best tourist destinations within Kiphire range, Siphi and Mihki river are located very close to each other. The Caves of Salomi and Mimi branches with thrill, while the Wawade waterfall reaches its best appearance during monsoon.

4: Mokokchung

Another one of the best places in Nagaland one should hit at is Mokokchung. The district range also covers over half a dozen tourist destinations including spectacular landscapes, valleys, and artifact home. Mokokchung District Museum has the enormous number of handicraft assets reflecting the native culture and history.

Places in Nagaland to Visit

Over the years, most of the indigenous localities have converted their religion to Christianity, and they are still holding on their native culture and taste of origin. Some of the villages of Mokokchung like Longkhum Village and Mokokchung Village are the best example.

While at the city, Mokokchung Park is a must visit located at the hear of the city. To get into nature, you must visit the Langpangkong Cave, Changkikong Range, Longritzu Lenden Valley, etc.

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Other Best Places in Nagaland to Consider Visiting

Besides the above-mentioned tourist destinations of Nagaland, there are some more places to drop by before leaving the state.

Wokha: Wokha also well known for its natural beauty and organic method based fruit cultivation. Dwelling in this place surrounded by forests is something you would never forget.

The place is naturally portraited with valleys like Baghty Valley and Tehurang Valley, hilly areas like Mount Tiyi, water bodies such as Totsu Wozhu Lake and Doyang River, and more.

Mon: The mystical place of Nagaland, Mon is also rich with several tourist places such as Montelchino Italy, Naganimora, Veda Peak, etc.

Phek: Phek is one of the major districts of Nagaland covered with majestical forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes. Rhododendron and Lodiri Trek is suitable for adventurers.

How to reach Nagaland:

You can reach Nagaland in three ways one is by air, the second one is by railways, and the last one is you can also reach Nagaland by Road. There is a domestic airport in Dimapur the capital of Nagaland state, so you can land up there and will take you very few time. If you are planning to visit Nagaland by train then first you are to go to Guwahati and then reach Nagaland by train.

Both the route is excellent, but I will suggest you visit Nagaland by flight it will be easy for you if you are the first time there. But if you have been to Nagaland many times then you can go for train as it will also cost you less 🙂

So what are you waiting for pack up your things make a plan with your mates or with you loved once and take a flight to Dimapur and Welcome to Nagaland. You will have a perfect holiday in Nagaland with less budget, so enjoy the best places in Nagaland.

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