Best Places For Scuba Diving in India


Underwater diving, which we called Scuba Diving, may be done professionally or as a recreation. Scuba diving for recreation is done completely for fun and enjoyment, whereas the professional diving may be done for several purposes like underwater photography, underwater archaeology, marine biology, and oceanography.

scuba diving

Well trained Scuba divers use the fins attached to their feet and a breathing apparatus along with some other equipment like dive mask to see underwater and a protective diving suit.

There are different places across the world which are best for Scuba diving. You might not have heard earlier, but there are certain places in India where you can visit to have an opportunity to see this adventurous activity.

Scuba diving is an exciting act and so, today I am going to show you some of the best places for Scuba diving in India which perhaps you may like to check out before setting out on the journey.

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Best places for Scuba Diving in India:

1. Grand Island, Goa:
Goa, a beautiful state in India has many exciting places, which is why it is the most famous tourist’s place. This state, being the smallest state of India offers the most exciting activities that are best for every season. This state can also be considered one among the best scuba diving place.
scuba diving
The Grand Island of Goa is just perfect for this great deep sea diving activity. Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove and Bounty Bay are some of the famous scuba diving sites of Goa.

2. Manta Point, Bangaram, Lakshwadeep:
Lakshwadeep, the union territory of India is a group of 39 islands out of which only two are inhabited. The third island is a bird sanctuary. This beautiful island is just perfect and ideal for scuba diving. The diving activity here is most attractive because many colorful fishes are found under water of the sea.

Lakshwadeep scuba diving

The isolated island is just 250 km from Kochi. A beautiful undisturbed scuba diving can be done here. So next time, you want to experience diving, do not forget to have this island in your list.

3. Varkala Beach:
Varkala beach of Kerala located at a distance of 54 km from Thiruvananthapuram is the best place for scuba diving. The scuba diving activity adds more charm to the beauty of the beach. This is a place where many visitors go to have a short break and relaxation. This beautiful beach in the southernmost state of India will surprise with its beauty.

varkala beach scuba diving

Pondicherry is admired for its mystical magnificence. This place is one among the best place for scuba diving. It is a popular destination for scuba diving where divings both for recreation and profession is done. Here, you can swim across the varieties of colorful fishes. This is the best place for you to experience the beautiful activity of the scuba diving. The turquoise blue color of the water just adds another charm to the beauty of the place.pondicherry beach


5. Havelock Island, Andaman:
Andaman is not only to be admired for the beauty of the surface of the land but also beneath the surface of the sea. This place is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Many divers are always eager to visit this place to have the exciting activity like scuba diving. We can experience a beautiful life under water when we see the underwater surface of this place. The scuba divers are always in search of something new in the Indian Ocean through this beautiful place.

scuba diving in havelock

6. Pigeon Island, Karnataka:
Netrani is the other name of this island. It is situated 19 km from the town of Murudeshwara, the famous Lord Shiva statue. Many sea diving places do organize in this place in almost all seasons. Different fishes, corals, eels and shrimps will be passed by you when you swim in the water. Hence, making the place a beautiful, perfect place for scuba diving.

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pigeon island

7. Malvan Island, Maharashtra:
Trakali beach of Maharastra is famous for sea diving. In this place, you can witness the natural habitat of the aquatic animals. Many people spend to go to spend their day at this place for scuba diving or just to watch the swimmers and divers. This place is best for a visit and with its unique cuisine of coconut, fish, and rice, this place has become a unique choice of place for many.

malvan island

8. Corruption Rock:
This place is so beautiful that it is enough to completely transfixed you in surprise. It is the fascinating place with varieties of aquatic species like giant napoleons and eagle rays. Many dolphins and reef sharks are also seen in this place. The beautiful glittering stones, ridges, and canyons under the water just make the place perfect experiencing nice divings.

corruption rock

9. North Bay Island:
The North Bay Island located close to Port Blair is the best place for scuba diving. This place is just an attraction to natural lovers and adventurous activities like the scuba diving. Many people fearlessly go for diving without any trained divers to accompany them. It is the best place where you can discover the life under the sea to enjoy seeing the beauty.

northbay island

10. Cochin:
If you are a seeker of lush green nature and thrill experiences, Kerala is just the perfect you should go. This state is also known as the mini heaven of the earth. It offers many exciting experiences of scuba diving. The scuba diving in Cochin will surely take you closer to the mother nature which you will cherish your memories forever. This place also offers you certified courses which you can undertake to achieve perfection in diving.

The above mentioned different places of India are the best places for you to visit for Scuba diving. India, with is beauty will surely take to to the perfect and beautiful aquatic world through these sites. If you are a lover of nature, and you love scuba diving, the above mentioned are the perfect places for your visit. You do not have to seek better and beautiful place for learning scuba diving or experiencing it. I hope this lovely places will surely be the ones you will like to visit. So, get ready and plan to reach to this place to explore the world underwater.

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