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Best Place For Sky Diving in India

Skydiving is the process of diving from high point to the earth by the gravity of the earth. Basically, it is performed by the people who are interested in adventure. In India, there are some places which people use to go for skydiving. And in skydiving there is some certain instruction to dive from the high point which people has to follow, and there are different types of skydiving.

In India some of the schools, colleges and universities take for the skydiving adventure trips in which students use to enjoy by performing in skydiving with groups.

Sky diving

There are different types of skydiving which are given below:-

  • Tandem jump: Tandem jump is the jump which the instructor jump along with you with one parachute.
  • Static line jump: Static line jump are those which the parachute open automatically by itself after 3 seconds of freefall. This jump is made from 3000 feet.
  • Accelerated free fall: These types of skydiving is the most dangerous diving. These jumps are those which you have to jump without attachment and free fall, and it needs some instruction and practical before performing the jump. And it basically made the jump from 13000 feet.

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Some of the best places for skydiving in India are as follows:

1. Mysore, Karnataka:

The most popular skydiving destination of India is in Mysore. It is in the state of Karnataka. Nestled at the base of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the most popular skydiving place in India for the ultimate skydiving.

mysore sky diving

The cost of the tandem jump are 25,500 rupees in three hours and accelerated free fall are 31,500 rupees within 5-7 days with 10 jumps. The time of skydiving is in the morning 7:00 AM – 9 AM.

2. Dessa, Gujarat:

Dessa is one of the best destinations for skydiving in India at this beautiful lakeside city it indulges into the thrill of soaring in the blue sky with the wind. The sports authority of Gujarat and Indian parachuting federation host several skydiving camps Dessa. And it provides all three types of jumps. The cost of static line jumps are 16,500 rupees, and tandem jumps are 33,500 rupees and accelerated free fall are 37,500 rupees. The time of skydiving is 7:00 AM.

sky diving in gujarat

3. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu:

Pondicherry is one of most beautiful town in India. So many foreigners come here to visit the beautiful place, and there are also many historical places are there in this town. And for the adventure lovers can visit this beautiful town and skydiving camp are also organized frequently, and it provides static line jumps and tandem jumps. The prices for static line jumps are 18,000 rupees for 1 jump and 62,000 rupees for 5 jumps. The time of skydiving in Pondicherry is from 7:00 AM or 9:00 AM.

tamil nadu sky diving

4. Aamby Valley, Maharashtra:

Aamby Valley is something that you will not able to forget if you have been there. Jumping over the beautiful valley will be recognized as an epic fall. An hour of adventure is worth appreciating, as you dive into the sky and fall freely gazing at the stunning landscape beneath.

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aamby valley

Now a day only 10,000 feet tandem jumps are provided in Aamby Valley. The prices for tandem jumps are 20,000 rupees from Monday to Thursday and 25,000 rupees from Friday to Sunday. The time of skydiving is from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

5. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh:

Dhana was the first ever skydiving camp in India. And provides a different kind of jumps like static line jump and tandem jump. To enjoy a freefall from 4000 feet above, gazing the breathtaking landscape beauty beneath.

dhana madhya pradesh

The cost of the tandem jump is 35,000 rupees for weekday and 37,500 for weekend and 24,000 rupees for static line jumps. The time for skydiving is 8:30 AM.

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Some of the tips for skydiving in India:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You will have to make sure that skydiving organizer is registered or not.
  • Do not take skydiving if you have a heart problem, blood pressure, fear of height and so on.
  • Before diving make sure that you are following the instruction.


The above mention is some the best places for skydiving in India which skydiving give us the view of the beautiful valley, beautiful cities, and town, etc. and shows that how adventure lovers can enjoy and full fill their dreams by taking skydiving. So, skydive and celebrate as you enjoy the most thrilling experience of your lifetime. We are sure that you would love us for getting the information about the best places for skydiving in India.

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