13 Best Manicure Kits Available At Cheap price And Manicure Tips

13 Best Manicure Kits Available At Cheap price And Manicure Tips

Every Woman wants their fingernails to look gorgeously beautiful. In fact, even I want to have pretty and clean nails. So what I did is tried many remedies to get rid of dirty nails. Finally, after many types of research, I got pretty clean nails with a perfect manicure.

how to do manicure

And Now...

I want you to try how to do a manicure at home with few simple tips that I am going to give you.

But before that let us get a quick review on the what is manicuring and what are the professional manicure set that can turn your nails from worst to excellent.

What is Manicuring?

Often some people do not understand what manicure is. Well, in actual manicure is a beauty therapy for your fingernails as well as your hands. This can be done both at home or at beauty parlour. It will make your hands as well as fingers soft by cleaning and dipping. Not only that, extra shine and glow will be seen effectively within some moments after getting manicured.

Basically, the professional cosmetologist what they usually do is cleaning and dipping of your nails and then design it with beautiful nail paint or french manicuring.​

So if you also wish to have pretty nails then below you can purchase professional manicure kits for your nails.​

13 Best Professional Manicure set:

There are the lists of professional manicure kits that you must buy to get pretty clean nails. Give a check below, I have listed best 13 of them.

#1: Keiby Citom Professional Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set: 

These beauty tools are very handy and can be carried anywhere. In this kit, you can easily find all the nail tools that you need for cleaning. Furthermore, this is a small size high-quality kit that is lightweight and easily fitted inside your handbag. The tools are super sharp and made with special technology.

With this tool, you can manicure your nails, pedicure your toenails, anti- acne, exfoliating as well as shape your eyebrow.

Tools Include:

  • Nail Clipper
  • Toenail clipper
  • All-purpose scissors
  • Crosswise nail clipper
  • Cuticle Trimmer
  • Nail File
  • Double sided stick
  • Nail buffer file
  • V-shaped stick
  • Ear pick
  • Tweexer for eyebrows
  • Needle for blackhead
manicure set

#2: Family Life L01 11 in 1 Stainless Steel manicure Set:

If you are in search of a high-quality nail grooming set then Family Life is the right choice for you. The tools look very much professional with 11 pieces is superb. You will get 100% satisfaction when using this tool. In fact, both men and women can use this tools for cleaning your cuticles.

manicure kit

Tools Include:

  • Nail Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Nail File
  • Nipper for trimming thick nails
  • V-type skin fork
  • Push type piercing

#3: Beurer Electric Manicure and Pedicure Kit Wit Powerful Nail Drill:

Now, this is an electronic toolkit for proper cleaning of your nails. In other words, you will get pretty looking nails with this nail driller. For easy use, it has an ultra-high rotation speed which is very much effective. It also supports LED light while you use this machine. If you are a diabetic person then this is the perfect manicure set or you.

electric manicure set

On the other hand, there are 10 sets of high-quality tools for best manicures. You can also use it for your toenails cleaning. There are also 10- a single attachment that is made up of sandpaper. This is a great kit, they worked very well and it comes to the market with AC adapter. So, just plugin and clean your nails.

#4: Geoge Luxury Personal Genuine Leather manicure Set:

This is a stainless steel manicure set with a brown leather pouch which is very much handy. Here you will get 11 pieces of a high-quality toolkit. You can take this leather pouch toolkit anywhere wherever you go.

brown leather manicure and pedicure kit

Therefore, you do not need to worry about nail grooming or anything because all the works will be done by this professional kits. Let us see what are included in this mini leather case pouch.

Tools Included:

  • Large as well as medium sized nail clipper
  • Eyebrow tweezer
  • Dirt cleaning tools
  • Nail file
  • Ear Pick
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle trimmers
  • Toenail clippers
  • Multi-purpose scissors

#5: Worlds No.1, Three Seven 777 Manicure, and Pedicure Set: 

Just like the name, it is world's no.1 manicure set for cleaning up the dirt from your nails. There are 11 tools for manicuring as well as a pedicuring set. Thi is an original 777 product just for you. In fact, both the girls as well as boys can use this product.

777 manicure set

Let us check out the tools that are included in this kit.

Tools Included:

  • Nail clipper for trimming nails
  • Toenail clipper
  • Nail trimming tools
  • All-purpose scissors
  • Round push stick
  • V-shaped push stick
  • Ear Pick
  • Eyebrow shaper

#6: Dermatool Manicure Treatment With Case:

If you wanted the best premium quality tools then this manicure, as well as pedicure treatment along with a case, is the right choice for you. Indeed, they have a very easy grip technology to catch hold properly. This tools not only used for your nails but also for foot, eyebrows, blemishes as well as blackheads.

treatment for manicure

This tool will last for a very long time because they are great products for removing the entire impurities from your nail cuticles. They come up with a very nice leather case for easy handling. Trust me you will be impressed with its quality.

Tools Included:

  • Nail clipper for trimming your dirty nails
  • Multi-purpose tweezers
  • Nail file for cleaning
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Tweezers for eyebrow shape
  • Remove blackheads tool and blemishes tools

#7: Zizzon Manicure, Pedicure Kit: 

Zizzon is another all-in-one purpose manicure set for perfect cleaning. They are available with 12 pieces of a set which are amazing. This means you do not need to go to any parlors for cleaning your nails. This toolkit is portable and perfect for carrying in your bag. When using this set, you will get 100% satisfaction because they are durable too.

Zizzon manicure and pedicure kit

Hence, all this set are used for multipurpose like manicuring, pedicuring, eyebrow shaping, exfoliating, anti-acne etc.

Tools Include:

  • Nail clipper
  • Toenail clipper
  • Slanting nail clipper
  • Nail file
  • All-in-one scissors
  • Trimmer
  • Ear pick
  • Tweezer for eyebrow
  • Blackhead needle
  • Knife for peeling
  • V-type Stick
  • A single as well as double push stick

#8: Swords Germany, 8 Pieces Manicure Pedicure Case: 

This is also one of the best care set for grooming your nails which can be used for both men as well as women. It also comes up with a premium good quality leather case for easy grip. The products are also plated with nickel which is awesome. Now you can gift them to your dear ones this pretty product.

perfect manicure kit

Tools Included:

  • Toenail clipper
  • Finger nail clipper
  • Tweezers for shaping eyebrows
  • Nail cleaner
  • Stainless stick
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Multi-purpose scissors
  • Nail file

#9: Shany Cosmetics 6 Piece Manicure Tools:

Shany is indeed a six piece perfect manicure set for both men as well as women. These tools are great for DIY(Do It Yourself) tip at home. They are available in the market with clear reusable pouch. You can also give this pretty set to your dear ones. Let us check out below some of the tools that are included in this kit.

Tools Included:

  • Stainless steel Fuschia color nail cutter
  • Double-sided cuticle clipper and cuticle pusher
  • Multi-purpose double-edge cuticle cleaner
  • Nail trimmer
shany manicure tools

#10: Pure Nails 7 Piece Professional Kit: 

This is a salon quality for grooming your nails as well as feet. In other words, this is the best electronic tool set for cleaning your nails. With this, you can shape your nails as you like and also you can remove all the excess dirt from your nails as well as cuticles. This set includes sapphire coated extensions with 7 interchangeable attachments.

This pretty electrical manicure kit has an inbuilt LED light which helps you to groom your nails properly. It also provides with AC adapter that offers amazing speed and also they offer double speed. One for rough areas and the other for delicate areas. Although the product is electrical but it is very easy to carry.

7 piece manicure kit

What is Included in the Box?

  • Electric Nail Driller Machine from PureNails
  • AC adapter cord spiral spring
  • Seven extension
  • High-quality carry case

#11. Oriflame Nature Secrets Relaxing Manicure Set, Lavender & Fig:

Now this is a four piece manicure set to soften your hands and fingernails. First of all soak your hands to get a soft hands. The next is apply scrub to condition ans revive your nails. Thirdly, massage it with a cuticle softener to get a glowing cuticles. ​Finally finish it with a moisturizing cream. The smell is also awesome. I would really recommend you to use this manicure set from Oriflame.

manicure set

#12. Jovees Manicure & Pedicure ​1234 Hand & Foot SPA Kit With Free Bath Scrub:

Without any question this spa set can do both manicure as well as pedicure. For me, I always search for all-in-one product and this will be the best choice. It will remove all the callous around your finger nails and leaves you refreshed.

There are 4 products inside the box which consist of:

Cleanser​, Exfoliator for Hand & Foot, Pack for Hand & Foot, and both Hand & Foot cream. 

jovees 4 manicure set

#13. True Blue Spa- 60 Seconds Manicure Hand Scrub:

​What are you waiting for when you have a 60 seconds manicure spa hand scrub. This exfoliates your hand as well as nails leaving it smooth and supple. Within just 60 seconds your dream will become true to get a beautiful hands and nails. They are 100% pure and not tested on animals. Now you can feel the spa at home with this scrub. 

manicure procedure

So finally I have reviewed the top 13 best professional manicure kit for you. What are you waiting for just grab them? Trust me they are lovely, purchase it till the stock last.

Now let me help you with how to do manicure yourself at home for removing excess dirt from your nails.

How to do Manicure by yourself at home?

Inarguably, performing manicure by yourself is very easy, just follow some steps that I will be helping you. Do it at your home itself....

Concentrate what I say, Ok?

Or else, you will never get your desired clean sparkling nails.

First of all, you need to get your required things together in one place:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Warm water for soaking your nails
  • Your desired face wash
  • Hand scrub
  • Nail file
  • Nail trimmer
  • Hand cream
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail paint (any color)
  • A base coat
  • A top coat

Hence, read below the steps to do a manicure at home. They are simple as well as saves your money.

1. Set Accurate Place:

First of all, to clean and remove excess dirt from your cuticles you need to place a clean towel. This is done because your floors or tables might get dirty. Make sure you do not spill anything on the floor. Also, wear old clothes when you do manicure because extra dirt might hit your dress.

preparing for manicure

2. Take Out Excess Nail Polish:

Now wash your hands properly and then remove excess nail polish with good quality nail remover. Follow the next step....

3. Condition Your Nails:

After quickly removing the old nail polish with a remover, it's time to shape your nails with a nail clipper. But make sure you don't trim your nail extra short because it will be difficult to design your nails. Now with the nail file clean your nails by dragging gently. Furthermore, do not pressurize your nail file too much since it will weaken your cuticles.

nail buffering for manicure

To proceed, now with nail buffer smooth and clean your nails. But do not smooth it much because this might even thin your nails.

4. Clean and Soak:

Take a bowl where both your hands can be soaked properly. Fill in warm water in the bowl and pour few drops of face wash or a Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Now soak your hands for 3-5 minutes. Usually, I do this method because this soaking method will clean all the remaining dirt from your nails.

clean and soak

Now use a hand scrub for removing extra dirt from your cuticles. Rinse your hands thoroughly with a warm water. Finally, you will feel as well as examine clean and fresh nails.

5. Apply Cuticle Hand Cream:

Now you will feel soft and smooth nails as well as hands. Use hand cuticle cream and apply it on your hands as well as cuticles and push it with an orange cuticle stick or pusher. If you have a dry skin then apply a moisturizer that is moist.

cuticle cream

6. Apply Nail Paint:

So before you apply a nail paint, make sure you apply a base coat. This is to maintain a healthy nail paint. Now apply a nail paint that is your favorite collection. Do apply a double coat and when it gets dry apply a top coat. If you have long nails then get yourself groomed with Best Long Nail Designs That Will Look Glamorous Always.

nail paint

Or if you have a short medium sized nails then get going with Best 40 Nail Designs For Short Nails To Look Trendy Always.

You can also use this homemade scrub to manicure your nails.....

1. Olive and Sugar Scrub:

manicure scrub

Indeed, olive oil and sugar do make a great combination of hand scrub for you. Mix this olive oil and sugar together in a bowl. Now, apply it generously to your hands as well as cuticles. Massage it thoroughly for 5-6 minutes and then washed it with lukewarm water. damp it with a soft towel and apply a good quality moisturizer.

2. Sugar and Lemon Scrub:

home made manicure

It has been said that lemon is a good anti-oxidant agent which whitens your skin complexion. take a bowl and mix together both sugar and few drops of lemon. Just like the live and sugar scrub, massage it thoroughly and after few minutes rinse with clean water.

3. Honey, Sugar, and Vanilla:

Honey, sugar, and vanilla is a perfect ingredient for making a home made sugar. However, you have to mix all these three ingredients together. But make sure you add a brown sugar in the mixture. In addition to it, now mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply it your cuticles, hands as well as palms. You can also use cinnamon in place of vanilla extract for a smooth and fresh smell.

Also, try some homemade manicure below.......

1. Honey Scrub Based:

It is reccommended that you soak your hands for 10-15 minutes in a lukewarm water. Now add some milk into it and then take some amount of honey to your hands and start massaging. Now while doing a honey massage, take brown sugar to it and start massaging again. Wait for few minutes and then rinse your hands with cold water. Finally, towel dry your hands and apply handcream that contains Vitamin E.

2. Banana Along With Sugar Scrub:

banana and sugar scrub manicure

As you know that banana soothes our skin, and also smells very delicate, it will be a great combination with sugar. All you have to do is take a banana and peel its skin. Mix both the ingredients and apply to your fingers as well as hands. leave it for sometime and rub your hands just like a scrub. Therefore, finally rinse your hands and you will feel refreshed.

3. Fruit Mixture:

fruit mixture

Here in this home made fruit manicure you add two to three fruits together to get a smooth paste. You can simply add some orange juice, pieces of strawberries and one tabkespoon curd. Also remember to add some drops of Vitamin E oil. Now add all this ingredoents together and mix it with the help of a blender.

But before you apply this smooth paste do remeber to soak your jhands in a lukewarm water. Now apply the paste and start massaging. Believe me you will definitely going to like this home made fruit recipes for manicuring.

4. Buttermilk Texture:

So forget about the beauty parlor manicure and love your self with this buttermilk remedies. But first you need to soak your hands in lukewarm water. And then gently shift your hands to buttermilk paste bowl and soak your hands together. Rinse your hand after sometime and then pat dry.

Finally, now I come to the end point but one thing is right that manicure do give your nails extra glow. Apart of that you can also buy the list of 10 manicure kit for you or else give it to your dear ones. Also I sugest you to try the home made scrub for manicuring your nails at home. Try giving your nails a beautiful nail art at home that gives a beautiful designs.

If you get any improvements with the guide that I discussed above then do share on your timeline help your dear friends who are spending huge going to parlors for manicure.

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