Best Headphones For You Under $500

Putting on headphones and listening to your favorite song while working or travelling gives you the best experience, but not with every headphones you need the best headphones for best experience.

There are many brands comping up in the market introducing their headphones. Which is the main reason why many of you are getting confused in choosing the best headphones. Because many of the headphones are costly but don't give the perfect sound according to the price.

If you are a real music lover, then it is very much important that you have the best headphones to feel the real music.

There are many headphones below $100 but if you are going for over to the ear headphones then it is worth spending above $100. As you will look for comforts and better music experience and other extra features 

In this content, I am going to list down the best headphone which will give you the real feel of the music, just like the group of the singer is playing live music behind you. So are you ready to know the best headphone which come at your budget? Then let's start with number one best headphone.

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Best Headphones Under Your Budget:

1. HiFiMan HE-400i Over full ear size:

So here in the number, we have got one of the best headphones which are made by HiFi. This headphone has a very stylish look, and the material used in this headphone is also very comfortable. The ear pads of this headphone are made for you in such a way that you will not feel any pressure in your ear, and the sound quality is also increased.

HiFi Man HE 400i

The headphone is big enough to input single sound and flexible terrible and bass, and this headphone perfectly delivers 93dB of sound which is perfect. This headphone gives a fast response because of the light weight design. Hearing music with this HiFi HE 400i headphone will just make you feel that you are listening live.

Now let's see what you will find in the box! In the box, you will get a Headphone, one pair of ear pads, 6.5mm headphone adapter and a headphone cable. This all is there in the box, so assemble it and get the experience of unboxing a premium headphone.

2. Sony MDR1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo:

If you love hearing your favorite music in stereo mood, then this Sony headphone is the best for you. As you clearly know that Sony is one of those company who produces perfect stereo headphones for listening to your favorite music comfortably.

This headphone reproduce sound up to 100kHz which means you will get to enjoy the perfect music every time you hear music with this headphone. The headphone also has four cables in the wire which result in diving sound equally and give a better piece of music to your ear.

sony MDR1A headphone

The ear pads are very much comfortable for long term use, and it is also more advance in cancelling the surrounding noise. The headphone comfortably fits over your head as it has the adjustable stripes.

This Sony MDR1A headphone is having in-line remote with which you can freely talk if you have a call in the middle of the song. In the box, you will get a headphone, a headphone wire adapter and also a pouch for carrying this headphone.

So what are you waiting for purchase it and get ready to hear excellent music quality every time you listen to a song with this headphone. The only difference with the HiFi HE-400i is that this ear pad is not that soft as which makes this little uncomfortable at the beginning but it is OK for long time hearing, and the design is also not that premium.

sony MDR1A Premium headphones

3. Beats Studio Wireless:

As you know, beats by Dr. Dre always produces the best headphone to enjoy your favorite music fully. Beats is one of the best company to which you can rely for best headphones. This Beats wireless headphone lets you enjoy music wirelessly till 30 foot, so no tension of wires anymore. Simply connect your device through Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music muting the world.

beats studio wireless headphones

This high-quality headphone comes with battery as the headphone is wireless, and the battery will give you 12 hours backup which is more than enough. The special features of this beat headphone are that there is the dual type of noise cancellation which will make you concentrate only on the music.

Just the like the above two headphones this also has an inbuilt microphone with the help of which you can talk with your hand free. This Beats Studio Wireless headphone the best headphone if you want a pure noise proof headphone. As you know this headphone has a dual mode which will purely cancel all the noise before it reaches your ear.

Inside the box, you are getting 1 Beats Studio Wireless headphone, USB 2.0 cable, an Audio cable of 3.5mm including roaming talk and a hardcover to carry this excellent headphone.

beats studio wireless over ear headphone

4. Beyerdynamic T51i Portable Headphones:

If you are looking for a headphone with elegant looks, then you can go for this Beyerdynamic T51i. This headphone delivers high-quality music in your ear with extreme bass and brilliant treble. The ear pads of the headphone are not that good, so if you hear music regularly for a longer time then you feel that your ear is hurting, but the sound quality is pretty impressive.

Beyerdynamic T51i headphones
There is also a microphone and 3 button Apple remote control, so this headphone is supportable with Apple devices too. Beyerdynamic T51i headphone comes with Tesla engineering which means louder sound, and it can produce high note sound easily.

The headphone comes with the adjustable metallic strip, so it is very much comfortable to wear while travelling. The headphone also has a very stylish and elegant look.

Inside the box, you will get a premium quality Beyerdynamic headphone and a case for carrying the headphone safely where ever you go. You will not get any extra cables because the headphone cable is not detachable. This headphone is not that comfortable than the above-listed headphone, but it is also one of the best headphones under your budget.

Beyerdynamic headphones

5. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation:

Are you looking for headphones which can cancel all the noise using all the four microphone which can mute the world when you are listening to your favorite music and relaxing. So let your nearby environment be noisy, or anything just put the headphone ON and listens to your favorite music and has a relax time.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphone

As now the technology is going so advanced that everything is going wireless, so in the advanced age, this Sennheiser also comes with wireless features. So no worry of any wires connect your device with the help of Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music.

The headphone is having a 22 hours battery back with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation, which is the best because no other headphone has such good battery backup. If you start comparing this headphone with the others above the list regarding sound, then you will find that this headphone is having better noise cancellation features and a better sound quality too.

This headphone is made with premium metals and the headphone all the features that a premium headphone should have, so it is a perfect one that will come at your budget. Inside the box, you will get a premium Sennheiser premium wireless headphone, a cable and a pouch to carry this headphone. Also you will get a two years warranty card.

Sennheiser Wireless

6. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphone:

As you know, Bose always does produce world-class headphones, and this is the best headphone by Bose company. This headphone definitely comes with world-class comfort, noise cancellation, and music reproduction.

This Bose QuietComfort 35 headphone comes with Volume-Optimized EQ which will give you the best music at any volume you hear. This is actually the real product which can make the world mute while you are listening to your favorite music with its world-class noise cancellation features.

Bose quietComfort headphone

You can also take clear calls with this headphone even at huge crowd and windy environment, as it has the most well designed internal microphone. Not only this, but the headphone is designed precisely for comfort with premium materials.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones come with a battery backup of 20 hours and 40 hours if you listen using wires. So what are you waiting for connect your headphone with your device via Bluetooth or NFC and enjoy your favorite music.

In the box you will get a Premium Bose QuietComfort headphone, a cable to connect your phone with headphone (optional), USB cable to charge the headphone and a hard case covers the keep the premium made headphone safe. I must say you to go for this best headphones to experience world-class music quality and material 🙂

Bose headphones

7. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Special Edition:

This is special edition headphones from Plantronics and is very good if you love the extra bass on your favorite music. This headphone is having strong speakers in it which can reproduce extra bass even at high volume. This premium headphone is also wireless, but you can also use a cable to hear the song if you want.

Plantronics Backbeat

This headphone is having a battery backup of 24 hours, so you can even hear 24-hour music if you want with this headphone wirelessly. Not only this but the headphone also has active noise cancellation, so with only one switch, you can get rid of noise around you.

This headphone is specially designed for comfort and better music reproduction. Though you will not find the feel of hearing music in front of you, it is known for its bass reproduction.

Inside the box, you will get a hard case cover to keep the premium headphone, a headphone, a USB cable and an audio cable to connect with your phone.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro2 headphones

These are the best headphones above $100 which can give you the best music with the feel. If you are a music lover then you will not miss one, grab one and enjoy all your favorite music in a professional way. Here I have given list of seven over to the ear headphones. Stay happy and listen music in a professional way with this premium headphones.

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