Best Flower Girl Hairstyles Must Try Out


Apart from the bride, the flower girl is also very much important in making a marriage ceremony beautiful. The main thing in flower girls is their hairstyles, and I must say that flower girl looks beautiful in white but their hairstyles with flowers make them more attractive in any marriage ceremony and make the function beautiful. There are many different types of flower girl hairstyles that you can try out.

flower girl hairstyles

But one thing is that maximum of the flower girl hairstyles can not be done at home because you will need to have much equipments for doing those hairstyles. Today in this article I will be telling you some of those flower girl hairstyles which you can easily make in your home itself, you will not need to visit any parlor for this hairstyles.

Here below we have rounded up some best hairstyle collection that is perfect for flower girls. This hairstyle can be created in the parlor and at the home too.

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Best Flower Girl Hairstyles for you:

1. Hippie Double Braid:

This is the perfect flower girl hairstyles that you cn make in your home with out any other extra equipment. This type of hairstyles really looks so beautiful in any type of marriage celebration.

hippie double braid hairstyles

2. Simple Side Ponytail:

Ponytail hairstyle is very much famous in U.S and many other country. Actually this hairstyle look awesome because the flower around the beautiful blonde hair looks really beautiful and attractive in the ceremony. I this hairstyles you can also use simple headbands like in the picture given below if you are not having any flower available.

simple side ponytail hairstyle

3. Curled High Bun:

 This hairstyle does look very cute and this hairstyle is very matching with the round shaped face girl. Just the like the photo given below, the pink flower plays a very important role in this hairstyle becaues the flower is the only thing which is making the hairstyle beautiful for any type of marriage ceremony.

curled high bun

4. Hippie Chic Girls Hairstyle:

This style worked on the school casual hairstyle look. In that style, the flower girl has a headband with a flower on the head. This hairstyle also looks like Screams Coachella.


5. Braided Bun With Double Flower:

A basic bun with braids will really look very gorgeous and pretty to a flower girl. In the case of not using the overwhelming a small child’s flower hairstyle with some huge beautiful blooms is gripped on the hair. If you use some pink color of the flower instead of another color of flower than it will look good.

braided bun hairstyles

6. High Braided Bun:

Flower girl with brown color hair, then this hairstyle will be the best.  Actually, this particular style is not regularly seen like twist, braids etc. This kind of style mainly looks pretty on the brown hair girls.

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high braided bun flower girl hairstyles

7. Loose Messy Curls:

If your flower girl looks like a simple and loves a simple look, then this hairstyle is preferable.

messy hairstyle

For an easy and faster hairstyle with some different color of the flower with simply matching a floral crown to their dress choice. The best flower for this style is pink and a fresh garden flower.

8. Mixed Floral Headpiece:

If your flower girl walks very barely with a very short hair and a very good looking face, then this hairstyle will be preferable compared to other. You need to bloom her hair headpiece to complement a fluffy white gorgeous dress. The best advantages of this hairstyle for your little flower girl is this headpiece is easily removable, in case if any problem occurs with the girl .

mixed floral headpiece

9. Chic And Sweet:

This hairstyle is really sweet like its name, but this flower girl hairstyle is not for every type of girl. There are some girls who look like an adult even if they are too young, their habit is also same as the elder ladies. So this hairstyle is for those type of flower girl.

chic and sweet

10. Whimsical Braided Updo:

 This hairstyle is really messy with a beautiful combination of braid and flowers around the head. In your wedding, if you have chosen elder girls like the age of 8-10 years then this hairstyle will be very suitable for them. This hairstyle is very simple, and you will also not require much time making this.

whimsical hairstyles

11. Babes and Blooms:

This hairstyle is just perfect for your daughter who just loves playing with flowers and having flower band in her head. The Little girl will just be the center of attraction in wedding ceremony with the gorgeous white dress and a flower band in her head, just like in the image I have given below. WOW! I must say 🙂

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babes and blooms hairstyles

12. Curly Petal Ponytail:

This type of hairstyle is famous in the American and African country wedding ceremony. The combination of petal-like curl and actual flowers delivers one of the truly beautiful hairs style look. I am sure after you look the flower girls with this type of hairstyles, you will just feel that angel has come in the wedding ceremony to attend. The flower girls looks too cute and beautiful with this type of hairstyles.

curly petal hairstyle

13. Charming Flower Crown:

Here is another great look and popular hairstyle of flower girl and that is Flower Crown. If the flower girl has a cute face and a blonde hair color, just make a beautiful flower head band for her. But remember the headband should have different color flowers.

charming flower crown hairstyle

14. High or Low Bun With Hair Flowers:

If you have more one flower girl for your wedding ceremony, then this style will be preferable for your flower girls. It is very hard to see this kind of style nowadays in a marriage function. The high and low girls’ bun seem similar one to other when they stay together. Also looks unique enough to make each flower girl similar and pretty, yes ofcourse with flowers on their head.

high or low bun flower girl hairstyles

So this is all the top best flower girl hairstyles that you can try out easily in your home without any help from others which means you can make these hairstyles of your own. If you have any invitation in any marriage then you can easily adopt this hairstyles. As this list is made by my own, so if I have missed any of the flower hairstyles then you can suggest it in the comment section. Share this in your social media timeline if this have helped you out in making you beautiful as a flower girl.

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