Best 8 Simple and Attractive Cornrow Hairstyles Idea

Looking different causes no harm. Everybody wants to look different, be it with different dresses, make-ups or even hair styles, we can not ignore it. Hair style is one simple way you can change your look. There are different hairstyles to match up with different occasions.

Cornrow hairstyles are one among the best hairstyles popularly worn by different people. It is regarded as the traditional hairstyles of the Africans, which has now become one of the most popular fashion across the world. This hairstyle was brought to America by the African slaves. It was the hip-hop dance that made the people adopt this hairstyle to make it a popular one.

cornrow hairstyles

Cornrow hairstyles can be worn in different trends. It is created by making knots in the hair strands very close to the scalp. It is completely different from many other hairstyles. Cornrow hairstyles are unique and thus is an eye-catching one.

If you really want to look a little different today, you can try this hairstyle. I will show you some of the cornrow hair styles to help follow up easily. You just need to wash your hair clean and keep it moisturized. If you have thick hair, you can damp with water an moisturize it to get smooth edges.

Types of Cornrow Hairstyles:

Hybrid hairstyle:

This cornrow hairstyle is for those with long hair. Split the hair in small sections, take the small section and braid it from the root till the tip of your hair. Once you are complete with braiding all the sections of hair you divided, you are done with the hybrid style. You can also add some glitters at the end of every braid to give it a glow.

Hybrid cornrow

Zigzag Cornrow Design:

If you wanna try with zigzag pattern hairstyles, you can try this one. You just need to split the hair and braid in a zigzag way. You can have the awesome look with this cool zigzag pattern on your dark hair strands.

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zig zag cornrow hairstyle

Celebrity Cornrows Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is always the choice of the celebrities. I hope you surely would want a try. Get a charm celeb look with this hairstyle.

celebrity cornrow

Pretty Cornrows:

This hairstyle pretty suits a school going girl. If you have a medium length of hair, you surely can go for this to get the attention of your friends.

Creative Cornrow Design:

You can also display your creativity through your hair style. This cornrow hairstyle is a creative one you can try so that your talent and hairstyle gets along together. This is a stunning hairstyle which will catch everyone’s eyes.

creativity cornrow

Straight And Simple:

This is straight and simple hairstyle that you can try to have a fancy look with your hair. the braids are straight from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Condition your hair to keep it smooth till the edges.

Cornrow Bun:

After splits of braid hair, you can gather the braided hair strands and form a bun if you wan to go with hairstyle in bun. This will simply leave you a fancy look away different from what your friends are. So, go for it and be the unique one in the group.

cornrow bun

Fantastic Hairstyle:

This is a simply upward braided hair, leaving the tips of the hair free. The bunched up hair on the top will give you a stunning and professional look. This mohawk like look will surely catch the eyes of many.

Keep yourself upgraded with the fashion in the air. Cornrow hairstyles is a unique one and you should really go for a try. Get a different look and be one unique in style and fashion with this hairstyle. Cornrow comes in different pattern as shown above, you can try them one by one to see the best that suits you.

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The cornrow hairstyles that I have mentioned in this article are simple yet stunning. I am sure you like these hairstyles an would like to give a try. I will come up with some more different cornrows in my next article. Please give some suggestions and comments on the part I missed out in this article. IF i have made up your expectations in this article, please do share it with your friends and relatives.






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