Best 10 Unique Homecoming Hairstyles Which You Must Try

Best 10 Unique Homecoming Hairstyles Which You Must Try

Dreaming to be the queen of prom and homecoming party or the event? Your mind and body are filled with the anxiety and dilemma in choosing the dress you would wear, the matching shoes, beautiful makeup and of course, your homecoming hairstyle!

You must have thought of different hairstyles for different occasion or event. Yet it is still struggling to find out the hairstyle which may make you the queen of the homecoming ceremony.

homecoming hairstyle for medium hair

Many homecoming hairstyles must have been already worn by your friends and now, you can not wear them again creating an old-fashioned look. You need better hairstyles to be the center of attraction in the party.

Look! here’s what we have got for you……Best Homecoming Hairstyles, Simple yet stunning to make you the center of attraction in the ceremony!…

These hairstyles that we are listing down here can be one to fulfill your dream and make you the queen of the celebration!

Best Easy Homecoming Hairstyle:

1. Sweeping Braids and Curl:

homecoming hairstyles

This hairstyle is best for the shoulder length hair. You just need to braid your hair at the top and bring it way down to the waves of curls lying on your shoulder. This homecoming hairstyle is very simple, you really should try.

 2. Waterfall Braid:

waterfall braid

Waterfall Braid is one of the most popular hairstyles being worn by almost every teenage girls. You can use this hairstyle to look perfect and special in then homecoming celebrations. If you are having an oval face then you can also try out some hairstyle for oval face, believe us the hairstyle looks very beautiful.

3. Basket Weave Crown

Basket Weave Braid

You can go for this hairstyle if you really want to look different in the homecoming. This new hairstyle will give you a modern look and also an updated style.

4. Fancy Homecoming hairstyles Down:


This is the fanciest low ponytail hairstyle with two knots and messy curls.The hairstyle really looks with the small round face type. This hairstyle is to give you a fresh look and will look super cute if you can match up with the outfit that you are wearing.

5. Short Curly Edgy Hairstyle:

edgy wavy hairstyle

You still can look stunning with your short hair. With this hairstyle, you can become one of the most stylish girls at the event. This curly bob hairstyle portrays your boldness.

6. Dark and Dramatic Hairstyle

dark and dramatic hairstyles

Adding a small light or contrasting highlights to your dark hair always gives your hair stunning glow. Curled highlighted strands of hair flowing down the dark hair will bring out the best personality in your look. If you want this hairstyle then you can pick some best serum for your messy hair.

7. Updated Ponytail

updated ponytail

Want to make your ponytail a little different from the regular ones? This hairstyle will give your ponytail a glamorous and fancy look, perfect for the homecoming. You will just need a hand full of hairpins and a couple of trials to get it done perfectly.

8.Messy French Roll


Be free of worries about your hair with this simple, long-lasting and elegant hairstyle. Pulling up the hair to French roll is better than getting annoyed with trying to curl every strand of your hair. This hairstyle is perfect for the homecoming as it can last for the whole night.

9. Finished With Bow

finished with bow hairstyle

If you have a long and thick hair, this hairstyle will best suit you. Secure your hair making a beautiful bow with many hairpins so that it last longer. This hairstyle is simple and easy so, you should probably go for a try. If you are a fan of Korean hairstyles then you will also find that this is one of the best Korean hairstyles that you can do on the ceremony.

10.Simple and Classic

simple homecoming

This is a traditional curled burn updo hairstyle for you to have a classic look. This hairstyle is simple and has been popular for ages. Try this out to have a traditional classic look.

Changes of looks in different ways always display positive emotions. There are many homecoming updo hairstyles for you to try to get a new look. I have just mentioned a few of the thousands. The above-mentioned homecoming hairstyles are probably among the best ones. They are simple and easy which you can try giving yourself a new different look.

Also, have a look at the video of the Homecoming hairstyles


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