Amazing Health Benefits of Rhododendron In Human Body

Before I describe the detailed information about the benefits of Rhododendron let us first understand what rhododendron is? It is a flowering plant that belongs to the heath family. Rhododendron is a genus of shrub or tree with about 1024 species world wide and grows in a tropical climate. It is found mainly in Asia, may be either evergreen or deciduous. The name comes from the Greek word “rodon” means rose and “dendron” means tree. Rhododendrons are known as King of The Shrubs. It is also the National Flower of Nepal and the State Flower of Sikkim. It also belongs to the same family as Azaleas.


All the parts of the shrub are very dangerous especially the leaves. The leaves are oval or oblong in shape with 1/2-8 inches long depending on the varieties with dark green smooth upper surface and a dull pale lower underside. The tree or shrub grows up to 12 m and best effective for Kidney disease.  The leaves of Rhododendron shows symptoms of abdominal pain, coma, death, stomach irritation, convulsion and abnormal heart rate. The shrub provides aromatic flowers with alternative colors from pure white and light pastels to orange and gold, to purple and red. Even consuming honey from the nectar of rhododendron flowers are said to be venomous.

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Health benefits of Rhododendron:

It has been reported that the plant is anarchic against related diseases reasonably due to its ant-oxidant sourced from flavonoids and phenolic compounds. Researchers show that it’s parts are effective for different types of Cancer including lung cancer, Menstrual disorders, Eczema, Anorexia and Kidney disease.

skin disorder

Medicinal Uses of Rhododendron

Rhododendron shrub is not only toxic to humans and animals, it is also helpful. The Rhododendron Arboretum’s juice is fermented to make wine and it’s effective for dysentery and diarrhea. Snuff made from the bark of the tree relieves cold and fever. I remember when I was suffering from cold and cough my mom gave me some snuff and I got relieved within a short period of days. Its petals are examined when you have a fish bone glued to your esophagus. To get a relief from a headache you can make a paste of the young leaves can be applied to your forehead. Take a rest for sometime and you will get a positive result.

cold fever


Its species is also used for curing syphilis and rheumatism. Nepalese used the twigs and wood which are dried for curing chronic fever. Not only that Rhododendron Sesotum is used for making perfume, fragrant oil, and pretty cosmetics. Rhododendron Cinnabarium is used for making seasoning spice, jam and other flavoring agents and the fried petals of cinnabarium is liked by the local people of Sikkim although poisonous for the animals. Rhododendron Thomsonii’s  extract can be used as insecticides in Sikkim although it is poisonous for human beings. Rhododendron Campanulatum is effective in case of cold, daily headache and fever.

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High fever

The Italian study discovered antimicrobial properties in rhododendron as the essential oil reduced the growth of cancer cells. Patients suffering from skin disorders often gets decreased. A study at China’s Medical College found out that Rhodendron roots help to regulate Kidney Function. Similarly goes with the liver damage an ethanol-based leaves extracts were given to rats.

We also get benefits from Rhododendron in religious matters. In Buddhist Monastery the leaves of Rhododendron Lepidotum and Rhododendron Anthropogum’s are used as incense sticks. We can also use the Rhododendron flowers for decorating houses during any occasions as it has many variants colors: white, pink, purple, and red too. People also used the flowers as offerings to the gods to pay homage.


As Rhododendron is the National Flower of Nepal the hills and mountains of Nepal are decorated with different colors of flowers. It looks so lovely as during the blossom of Rhododendron the hills and mountains of Nepal are colored red, pink and white. The species or genus which is dark red in color, the Nepali’s called it Lalli Guran which is Rhododendron Arboretum. This tree or shrub has so many benefits that some are still unknown. I hope this article would help you to find out the uses and benefits of the shrub.

So this is all about the benefits of Rhododendron that you can have on your body. But you should also make sure that if you can consume even the flower nectar in the wrong way then you are gone off no way. As the flower is very risky and can also cause you death, but if you can use it properly, then this is the perfect medicine for you. This is all about the benefits, if you want to know more benefits about other fruits and flowers then stay tuned on our website. We are coming with lots of benefits article on our website. Comment on your views regarding the flower that we have spoken about in the article.

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