Benefits of Chia Seeds On Human Body | Best in Seeds

Benefits of Chia Seeds On Human Body | Best in Seeds

In the segment of healthy nutrients, Chia seeds have become one of the most popular superfoods in the community of health. Here we will talk about the benefits of Chia seeds in practical life. Chia Seeds are basically grown in Mexico which is having a wide variety of benefits as always. It has great nutritional values and medicinal properties too. Moreover, in terms of health benefits, it provides you a complete package to energy boosting power. In some cases, to get endurance and high energy power, this seed was eaten by the Aztec Warriors also. They said they the Chia Seeds helps them to sustain themselves for 24 hours easily.

In the Mayan language, Chia means ‘strength’. While the word seed refers to the energy booster for the runners and the warriors in the field. They use it as a fuel to get the energy while running a long distance in a field or during battle. According to the research, it has been found that the benefits of Chia seed are more than the percent we realize. It helps you to reduce the signs of aging, keep your digestive system and heart healthy. Using this seed people can reverse their diabetes problem and get stronger muscles also. So let us start to get know about the more benefits of Chia seeds eating from the points below.

Top Benefits of Chia Seeds for Human Body:

Basically, Chia Seeds are very much rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Thus here we want to discuss them in detail benefits of Chia Seeds for the human body.

1. Healthy Digestive System: Chia Seeds are totally rich in high fibre which nearly provides 11 gm per ounce. In each serving per day, it provides you with the recommended fibre intake according to American Dietetic Association. As we want to inform you that fibre is essential for your body to keep the insulin level balanced. Being a fibre item it helps you to have a healthy stool and also leads to proper weight loss. The Chia seeds have an ability to create gelatin-like substance in the stomach. This gel-like substance is created due to having soluble fibre in Chia Seeds. Thus it can create prebiotic which increases the growth of probiotics in your gut.2. Aging in Skin: In terms of researchers, it has been found that Chia seeds have a huge amount of antioxidants in it. Presently the number of antioxidants are two times higher than the previously declared reports from Mexico lab. It helps to prevent and cure the premature type skin aging happens due to inflammation and due to radical damage. Chia seed helps you to prevent the skin damage and protects from the further damage too.3. Healthy Heart: Regular use of Chia seed according to the routine can keep your heart healthy. It helps for reverse inflammation, control the high cholesterol and keep your blood pressure normal. Due to the presence of linoleic acid, which is a fatty acid in general that helps to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. More than the salmon, this small seeds contains Omega-3S to protect your heart.4. Boost up Energy and Metabolism: Chia seed is a very high fiber based health nutrients, which help you to boost your energy too. Those who are regular runners, for them the Chia seed acts as a fuel to maintain your energy level. If you daily add Chia seed to your daily servings, it increases the metabolism and burns fat as well. On burning the fatty tissues on your body, it affects the metabolism of the human body. Chia seeds reduce the visceral adipose tissue which is a fatty tissue in general present on your belly.5. Lose weight and build muscles: Plant-based proteins are very much useful for your health. Here the Chia seeds also come from the top plant-based source of proteins. It helps you to lose the weight and thus build up the muscles in a stronger way. This seed having a high percentage of the gene which helps your body to increase the hormone names ‘leptin’. It also helps you to increase the stamina of your body results into a great source of nutrition for the human body. It also contains magnesium, zinc, iron, niacin, phosphorus etc. for your health.6. Stronger Bones: Just having one ounce of Chia seeds daily, you can intake 18 percent of the calcium in your body usually. Calcium is the main important nutrient to keep your bone strong and healthy. Chia seed also contains Boron named nutrient which is also important to bone health. This boron helps to metabolize the phosphorous, calcium, manganese, magnesium for the better growth of bones and muscles. Proper intake of Chia seeds keeps your bones stronger for a large period of time.7. Healthy Teeth: Another benefit of eating Chia seeds is to keep your teeth healthy. Presence of calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin A, zinc etc. are the best food for your teeth. Zinc helps you to prevent the tartar and thus helps to remove the bad breath from your mouth. Phosphorus and Vitamin A are the two important items to keep your dental health stronger and keep away from dental diseases. Calcium is the main building block of your teeth to keep them healthy.                                                                   8. Prevent Cervical and Breast Cancer: ALA or Alpha Lipolic Acid is rich in Chia Seeds which is Omega 3 fatty acid. The Journal of Molecular Biochemistry in 2013 has declared that ALA can able to limit the growth of cells that cause cancer in both the breasts. It also helps to prevent the Cervical cancers from happening in the body. Without hampering the nearest healthy tissues, the Chia seeds help to destroy the cancer cells. This is a great discovery and thus Chia seeds help the women who generally fight for these common cancer diseases.9. Cure Diabetes: According to the research from Argentina, it has been discovered that Chia seeds help you to cure diabetes diseases. From a long time research process it has been found that Chia seeds have a capability to halt the diabetes disease and reverse it accordingly. It has been also discovered that Chia seeds can able to burn the belly fat tissue which affects the metabolism of your body.

Testing for the level of blood sugar. Equipment used to regulate diabetes.

How can you eat Chia Seeds?

Basically, Chia seeds have a very nutty and mild taste. You can easily add this seed to many dishes as a garnish. One of the most useful ways to grab the actual minerals and vitamins of Chia Seeds is to grind or soak them easily. Then you can sprout them which can able to release the ‘enzyme inhibitors’ that generally used to protect the seeds. There are also many Chia recipes available which you can also try once for your benefits. It really makes the dishes very delicious as well as healthy too.


So that’s all about the benefits of Chia seeds which you can take to keep you healthy.  One thing we want to clear out first that there are few amount of side effects while over intake of Chia Seeds. But overall it is very much healthy component of your body as well. It may cause the prostate cancer too. Thus while you are taking Chia seeds with any food then you need to drink plenty of water to prevent any negative effects. Hope you all are satisfied with the information given about the benefits of Chia seeds for the human health.

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