Delicious Beef Stroganoff Recipes You Can Try Out


Wow, beef stroganoff, it is just delicious and one of my favorite food. The thought of this food makes my mouth fill with water in my tongue. Well, that is one of my comfort food ever. If you haven’t tried out this beef stroganoff ever in your entire life, then you should try out this delicious today.

You can prepare beef stroganoff sitting at home if you do have the best and the perfect ingredients that are required for cooking the delicious beef. Most of you might have the beef through various cooking styles. It seems all the beef food is tastier.

beef stroganoff


But today I am here to share you some of the best ways to cook beef stroganoff for your dish. You can try preparing this beef stroganoff sitting at home, all you need is the perfect ingredients to make the beef more tastier.

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How to prepare beef stroganoff:

To prepare beef stroganoff, you will just need to cut the beef into strips by putting the flesh in the freezer for at least 20 to 30 minutes at the first moment. Make sure that you add that meat with the substitute yogurt along with the sour cream. For delicious beef stroganoff, you will need to add some of the fat amounts of yogurt. And all you need to make sure about the pan is remove from the heat before you stir it. You will hardly need 10 minutes for preparing and basically, the cook time is nearly 20 minutes.

beef meat

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Ingredients for preparing beef stroganoff:

To prepare the best delicious beef stroganoffs, You will need to follow some of this few steps and the methods to make your dish more delicious.

  • You will first need to add 5 tablespoons of butter into the pan, and that consist of beef.
  • Take 1 pound of top sirloin or the tenderloin and cut them into more than an inch wide by 2 or 1/2 inches long strips. Place them in a pan along with the sliced beef.
  • Onion can be the substitute optional for you, and you will need to chop the shallot into 1/3 cup and placed it ready for the cooking process.
  • You can also add some of the cremini mushrooms into the beef for the best delicious taste, sliced them into 1/2 a pound.
  • Add salt to the meat for the better taste, and that will rely upon your quantity of your meat in your pan.
  • You can also add some more pepper to the meat for more better taste.
  • Add at least 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg to the beef for the best taste.
  • You can also add some of the dry tarragon and the chopped fresh tarragon up to the quantity of the meat in your pan.
  • Try to add one cup of sour cream to the beef at the room temperature.

Methods for preparing beef stroganoff:

This is some of the methods of cooking beef stroganoff with all its ingredients added into it, follow this steps to make a perfect beef stroganoff.

# Fry the strips of beef in the butter: 

First take a frying pan and the heat the pan for the best result. Take 3 tablespoon of butter in a large skillet and heat it on a medium to make it into liquid form. You will need to heat the pan to a high or medium to add the strips beef into the frying pan.

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If you are into the beef for a dipper fry on both the sides, you will need to increase the temperature, so that helps the beef to turn brown in color. If you do turn the temperature too high, the butter may get it burn down. Therefore you may need to cook them in different batches.

fry beef

Make sure that you do sprinkle some of the salt while cooking the beef, sprinkle it in a gentle way also the pepper on the beef. When you noticed that the beef is cooked in such a manner that it turn out to be browned on both the sides, take it out from the pan and placed it on the bowl and set them aside.

#Fry the shallots: 

Take the same pan and add the shallots to the frying pan.  You will need to reduce the heat so that the shallots don’t get burned. Cook the shallots for at least a minute or two minute, later allow it to soak up the meat drippings. Now you will have to remove the shallots from the pan and place them aside as the beef is done earlier.

frying shallots

#Fry mushrooms:

Take the same pan and add some of the butter into it, with at least two tablespoons of butter. Increase the temperature to a medium and let the butter melt, add some of the chopped mushrooms. Later you will need to stir the mushrooms for atleast a minutes to make it more tastier.

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frying mushrooms

Make sure that you don’t forget to add some of the few ingredients to make beef more tastier, and they are nutmeg and the tarragon sprinkle them on the mushrooms while cooking.

#Add sour cream to beef and shallots: 

First, you will need to reduce the heat and add the sour cream to the mushrooms. Then later add some of the waters to make a stock or to make a thin sauce.

Mix them with the sour cream. Make sure that you don’t let the simmer boil or else the sour cream may get curdle. Instead, you will need to add those sour cream to the beef and shallots.


You also need to add the salt and the pepper to the beef to taste it better. Make sure that you add salt to the quantity of your beef on your pan. Taste it for your better taste.

Now it is already beef stroganoff to serve on your plate along with the mashed potatoes and the rice or even with the noodles. Try to follow the methods and the ingredients that are added to the beef for the best taste. You can certainly try this methods at home and have a delicious beef stroganoff.

This is all you need to do for making beef stroganoff at your home, now after making this beef dish you can have this with rise or pasta or anything. I must say the dish is very yummy, atleast you must try it once. Guess now you have learnt all recipes for making beef stroganoff. But still if you are having some doubts in any of the steps then you can take helps from comments from comment section below.

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