Beautiful Layered Haircuts to Give your Face a New Look

layered hair cut

You don’t need to go for an expensive make-ups or fashionable dress. A simple haircut can give you an awesome look. Isn’t it a relief for those who spent big amounts to beauty parlors?

Layered haircuts are simple and common haircuts that are preferred by many. Women choose this haircut so that they get flatters from everyone. This haircut gives more attraction and versatility to women. This beautiful layered haircut can give your face a new look. Different layered cuts according to the shape of your hair can simply give you a gorgeous look you longed for.

layered haircuts

Young college going girls and even working lady or women has been gainning their desired looks with it. This layered haircut has given comfort to those with thick hair, volume to the fine hair and well maintained curls for women with curly hairs.

There are so lots of beautiful layered haircuts, I am going to share with you today. So let’s get started…..

Most Beautiful Layered Haircut

1.Gold Tipped Sweetheart Long Layers

layered cut

This long layers with golden tips to the shoulder lenght hair will give your hair a new dimension. The easygoing length hair will look stunning with the thin highlighted color in front.

2. Gentle Waves and Curls

curl hair

The medium short hair can look best with this beautiful layer cut. You can decorate your hair ends with a little scatter of layers. The chestnut brown highlights to the hair will boost the volume of your hair.

3.Salty Beach Blonde Layers

short hair

This choppy hairstyle to the short or medium lenght of hair is easy to maintain. The layers with the blonde highlights at the back and sea salt spray giving it texture, is just fun.

4.Flashback Friday 70’s Layers

hair cut

Varieties of feathered layers sitting on the shoulders can frame your face ready for party or discos. The layer cut will give your fine hair a perfect look.

This simple hairstyles can make you look Pretty everyday.

5. Angel Wings Highlighted Curls

medium hair

Your thick and beautiful curls will look awesome with solid balayage highlights. This will emphasize your hair layers behind making it more different in colors.

6. Ebony Waves

short hair

If you want to look gorgeous with your medium lenght hair, this smooth layers, curled and brushed will be fine. You will surely love this sleek layered bob.

7. Layered Style for Thick Hair


You can give shape and structure to your thick medium lenght hair with this layer cut. It will make your hair effortless and polished too. The layers that you give to your hair will enable you to be at ease with your thick hair.

8. Layered Side Part

hair cut

The layers to your medium mass of hair will slim down your chubby cheeks sideways instantly. So, get a changed look with this fine layers to the side part of your hair.

9. Sleek Medium Layered Lob

layered lob


If you want your hair to look straight with layers, you can go for this kind. The finely polished layers at the back will boost volume to your hair and the angled cuts onnthe sides will create contrast to the upper part of your hair.

10. Layered Crimson S-curls

hair cut

The blend of cherry red brown to your layered hair will mkae it look extraordinary. You medium length will give you a desired look with the curls in the layers.

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The above mentioned are some of the beautiful layered haircuts which you can try. With every length of hair, you can have your favourite layers to your hair. Adding some highlight colors along with the layers and the curls will simply lift your hair to the extreme height of hairstyles. Have fun with all these layered haircuts which will not only give you a gorgeous look but also bring out your bold and pleasing personality.