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Beautiful Box Braids With Which You Can Look Gorgeous Everyday

It is said, ‘First impression is the best impresion’. Impression here, includes your personality, your dressing style, your make up and your hairstyle.If you have poblem in binding up your hair matching to your dress or make up, You can try braiding your hair. But will braiding your hair really give you your desired look?

Yes, it may, that must be the reason why braiding hair has become a popular hairstyle in today’s trends. There are many kinds of braids you can try with your hair.

box braids

Box braids is one among different briads that is gaining its fame this days. This box braid is beautiful and can be worn in different styles. This braid will give you many options to style your hair with. You can look gorgeous and versatile with this box braid hairstyle.

If you want to box braid your hair but can not figure out the designs, I am here today, to help you with the different box braids you can do with your hair to look gorgeous every day.

Best Box Braid You can try:

1.Short Box Braids


Box braids can also be done with your short hair. It will give you want to have the extreme modern hairstyle, you should really try this braid. This short box braid will give you a fresh but fashionable look. Adding beads to the braid will give more glamor to your hair.

2. Beautiful Thick Braid


Thick hair is not a problem, you can box braid your hair beautifully to look stunning. This is one way you can braid your hair without putting it too tight like the stylist does. Leaving the braided strands to your shoulder will surely give you gorgeous look.

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3. Red Ombre Box Braid

box braid

This ombre box braid is new in the world of fashion. You can surely opt for this if you want to look modern in trends. The blending of the black and red color will add embelishment to your hair. The braided strands fall of the hair with lighter shade at the tip will give the best texture to your hair.

4. Cute Bun Style 

braided hair

The beautiful swirl braided hair gathered up in a bun with the pieces tuck under it will make your haistyle look sleek. This cute bun style box braid will look better if you have a thick, healthy and nourished hair.

5. Unique Sculptural Style


Wearing this unique sculptural box braid hairstyle to explore your creativity. Spent some time to yourself to be more confident in the world of fashion and achieve this hairstyle. You can begin with this side braided haier and a a high bun.

6. Long and Luscious Braids

long braid

With this long braided hairfall, you can achieve sweet and adorable look. This small braided long strands of hair with some golden beads is just awesome. This box braid hair can be kept for many days. So you don’t need to worry about the hairstyle for the next day.

7. Intricate Crown of Braids

box braid

The large box braid curled up your hair as a crown is one of the best deisgn you can try. You can start the braid from behind the ear and taking it across your head to the other side to make a crown. The lower braided can be left to fall on your shoulder.

8. Silver Smoke Style

smoke hairstyle

You can be romantic with this design of box braid harstyle. The long ombre braided hair will surely transformed to a unique style. The silver or white hair with the pale faded color at the tips will add glamor to the style.

9.Perfect Box Braid 


Now that you are aquinted with the box braid hair design, you can also try coming up with your own design. This perfect box braid hair with the combination of perfect bun and long braided strands falling is best for recomendation to your friends.

10. Stick to The Side

box braid

The sided swoop of the box braid hair will give you a framed and sleek face. If you have uneven length of hair, this braided design of hair will get a special look completely different from your friends.

Box braid hairstyles are very exquisite which everyone would like to wear. They look complicated but are actually simple. Box braids can be kept for longe days without causing your hair to break. If you have a healthy and strong hair, well nourished beautiful thick hair, box braids are worth of a try. I am sure you will like to look elegant, bold and more confident with these box braid hair designs I have mentioned today.