Amazing Benefits Of Almond Oil That You Must Know


We have been hearing that Almond is very much beneficial for our brains making our IQ power stronger. But is Almond only beneficial in sharpening our brain memories? According to my research there are two different types of Almond that you can find in the market. Yes, both have some helpful health benefits in our body which is very much important for being healthy in this busy schedule. But I must mention that more than consuming raw Almond fruit there is more benefits in using Almond oil. So today I am going to share with you some of the benefits of Almond oil that you must know before you consume almond.

almond fruit

As I have said in the above paragraph that there are two kinds of almond i.e. sweet and bitter almonds and we can extract oil from this both kinds of Almond fruit. The oil extracted from the bitter almond are used as medicine whereas, the oil extracted from the sweet almond can maintain our health in many ways as the sweet almond oil is having more benefits for our body.

Simple drops of almond can work wonders on our body. It can be a great help for our skin, hair, and even our digestive system. Let us have a glimpse of the amazing benefits we get from the almond oil.

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Different Benefits of Almond Oil:

  1. Makes the Skin Healthier:

The presence of vitamin A, E and B(2) in the almond oil retains the moisture of the skin and improves the absorption without blocking the pores. It works on improving the complexion of the skin. It softens the skin making it smooth and brings a glow to the skin by its nourishment. Use the almond body oil every day before bath and notice the changes in your body.

healthy skin

2. Reduces Dark Circles:

Dark circles usually occur below the eyes when we do not have a proper sleep or when we are in stress. These dark circles are hard to be hidden, especially when you will like to go for any party. A simple massage with few drops of almond oil before going to bed at night will enlighten the dark circles.This benefits of almond oil is very popular in Asian countries as the oil contains vitamin E which rejuvenates the skin and can even reduce wrinkles if used regularly. But you can use his benefits easily.

dark circles removing

3. Removes Dead Skin Cells:

Apply the mixture of 4-5 almonds, milk, drops of lemon juice and gram four paste on the affected area for 20-30 minutes can act wonder in removing the dead and unwanted cells of your skin. The moisturizing agents of the almond oils loosen the dead cells allowing it to get removed easily.

almond oil for dead skin

4. Delays Signs of Aging:

We do love to stay young and beautiful, but can we really beat the age we come across? Our skins turn shabby and dull when we tend to age. Almond oil works as an anti-aging agent to our skin. The Vitamin E renew the skin cells to make it look much younger. Regular use of this oil will surely make your friends doubt your age.

anti aging

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5. Substitute for Hand and Foot Cream:

This is one of the amazing benefits of Almond oil that it heals all the cracked heels. It gets easily absorb in the skin moisturizing it, and making it soft. Since this oil is less greasy, it can use as a substitute for the cream you use for your hands and feet. I am sure, and this oil will work better than the hand and foot creams you use.

hand and leg substitute

6. Treatment for Stretch Marks:

Almond oil has such elements in it that nourish the skin, strengthening the loose skin cells to give a firm look. A massage with this oil in the are affected by stretch marks can be helpful. It removes the stretch line marks from the skin making it smoother and shinier.

stretch marks

7. Boosts Memory And Strengthens Nervous System:

Taking 4-5 almonds a day will boost and improve your memory. It also strengthens your nervous system. You will feel much active and energetic if you have almonds regularly.

boost memory




Looking beautiful is what everybody seeks for. We feel delighted and confident when somebody come up to us and complements our skin and hair. We are happy when we are healthy. We take various kinds of food which enrich our hair, eyes, and skin. The almond oil alone can do all these wonders to our skin.

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The benefits of Almond oil are many, the above mentioned are few. I have mentioned some of the main parts of our body which we usually put our main focus. Therefore, look healthy, stay beautiful and be confident with the results the almond oil gives you.