8 Things People Regret Of Not Doing Right After The Engagement

8 Things People Regret Of Not Doing Right After The Engagement

Ok, Already engaged? Congratulations…. Now you can plan for your grand wedding. As a matter of fact, you have a lot of things to do for your upcoming wedding. Therefore, get some ideas from the list that I have provided after the engagement. Here is how you must start.

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Things That You Must Do After Engaged:

You must need to understand what type of wedding or what ideas for your wedding will be necessary. Therefore, keep all your records in your checklist.

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1. Formal Public Declaration:

Few of the love couples do not like if the news of their wedding will be announced before any of the family members knew. Hence, make sure that you do inform your parents through phone calls if they are far from your places. And then start with invitation card distribute for your wedding.

2. Accurate Time Table:

When is your wedding? Well, people will be asking this question the moment you are engaged. Therefore, you must set an accurate time for your grand wedding to be perfect. Also, you need to select which venue and which season you would like to go for your big day. So, focus on your task and make a decision.

3. Start Dreaming:

After your engagement is over, now it is the time to sit with your partner and decide what style of wedding you both will like to have. This is because sometimes a couple does have a problem with each other selecting the venue and themes. Apart of that, wedding budget has not been selecting.

Both of your thinking must be same for a perfect wedding planning. Just like Emily’s Bronte’s engagement quotes, “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”…..

4. Set an Estimate Expenditure:

Now here is the main problem, as nowadays the bride’s parents do not take all the expenditure responsibility. Therefore, the moment your engagement is over, sit with the groom and bride’s parents. Now decide the budget from both side parents and make a rough expenditure.

5. Pick a Wedding Location:

A Wedding is just once in your life, so why don’t you make it memorable. From a wedding dress to your wedding function, all must be perfect. Make a decision what style of wedding venue do you choose. Is it a sandy summer beach or a grand royal reception? A budget will be according to your venue.

Apart of that, eventually, you need to select which season you would wish to marry. Get all the details and fulfill your wishes after you are engaged.

6. Make a Visitors List:

Inarguably list of visitors is very necessary if you are thinking for a grand wedding. Because you might go out of your budget. If the guest list rises, the process will also rise high above. Therefore, this will be the first priority to list down your guest the moment you are engaged.

7. The Ring:

This is the most important if you are going for a wedding. I know you are engaged but during your wedding, you need a ring exchange ceremony. Hence, select a pretty most gorgeous ring for both of you. After that, you both will be like the French proverb, “Two souls, one heart”. 

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8. Go for Shopping:

Yes, shopping is very much necessary for a grand wedding. I remember how my sister ran for shopping the moment her engagement is over. All the engagement talks are in front and she just dreaming for shopping. Well, that is quite funny. Not only that, your hairstyle also should be perfect, go through, wedding hairstyles for long hair. 

So this is some of the important things which you must do right after your engagement and plan for your wedding. Share me your story too in the comment section below. Like and share the article so that your friends and relatives plan the best for their marriage and so that no one regrets after marriage. Wish you all the best for your Upcoming Life.

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