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7 Make Up Tips For This Winter. Easy and Simple Steps

Winter, as the coldest season of the year, it comes after autumn and before spring. During winter, our skin gets dried totally. There are many people who get feared of winter season as extra care and nourishment is required for the skin, so, here we are to help you in best make up tips for this winter season.

When the cold winds blow, our skin gets drier and this cold winds does nothing but maximises the dryness of your skin. Let us find out some of the makeup tips for this winter.

No matter how much makeup you apply, your skin still tends to become dry and with the arrival of winter you needed a complete makeup tips to make your skin smooth and supple. So here we are with details make up tips for this winter, easy and simple.

makeup tips for this winter

However, winter is also the best season to apply makeup because winter does not spoil makeup like the hot summers as during the warm season our skin gets too oily, and eventually, it becomes difficult to apply make up. Along with warm dresses, makeup tips should also be your priority because majority of the women likes to do makeup in winter. If you are conscious about your looks during winter then here I will enlist 7 make up tips for this winter.

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List of 7 Make up Tips for this Winter:

If you wanted to look perfect during winter then here are the best 7 make up tips for this winter. Let's check it out.

1. Apply Base

make up tips applying base

During winter before you apply a base or foundation, remember to wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply a lotion based cream or what we call as a moisturizer. If the moisturizer is not applied before then, there is a chance to get your skin drier. So when applying base, make sure you smooth it equally on your face. You can also use a base according to your skin complexion it will look better.

2. Glowing Cheeks

blusher make up tips for this winter

Blushers are something when applied, and you will look gorgeous. Just a little amount on your cheeks will dazzle your face. Do not apply this blusher with a sponge, instead of better apply it with a blusher brush. However, for your casual and formal look, light blushes on your cheeks are all you need, and a dark shade bronzes matches for your parties. I really love a pinkish color blusher which looks fabulous with my skin tone.

3. Attractive Lipstick

lipstick make up for this winter

Every woman love to wear a lipstick as even if you don't apply any makeup, applying lipstick is a must. No matter what your complexion is but Red is the true color during winter for all the women. Mostly dark and bright shades suits during the cold season as this brings a refreshing look. Before applying a lipstick, you must moisturize your lips with a lip balm, and for a glossy look after applying lipstick you can try lip glosses too. You can also try the matte shades which is available in the market.

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4. Eyeliner

eyeliner make up tips for this winter

Eyeliner plays a major role as winter is the time when you can apply your eyeliner in big bold blackest black or however you prefer. For glamorous look, thick eyeliner just looks perfect.

5. Eyeshadow

eye shadow make up tips for this winter

Just like eyeliner, eyeshadow also brings shine to your eyes. Eyeshadows, when paired with the eyeliner, looks stunningly gorgeous like the celebrities. You will find different colors of eye shadows, but in my opinion, silver would look best with the season.

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6. Mascara

mascara make up for this winter

After applying eyeliner and eye shadows, you can apply mascara. This mascara curls your eyelashes which make your eyes look wider. You can purchase the waterproof mascara as it will not get smudge easily. Also, you can try the volume booster mascara which creates a thick volume to your thin eyelashes.

7. Nail Paint

Along with all the above tips, painting nails with different colors of nail paint is the trend. During winter, dark shades of nail paint will be getting more attention of crowd than the light shades because the light shades will look dull along with winter.

nail paint for winter

As winter is cold, darker shades will suit you. If you are a makeup lover, you can try out these top seven make up tips for this winter. Apply the best makeup you prefer during the cold season and if you find anything missing, please share your views and ideas of makeup tips for this winter.

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