Lose Weight Easily In 7 Days With GM Diet Plan And Get A Healthy Body

Lose Weight Easily In 7 Days With GM Diet Plan And Get A Healthy Body

Eager to lose your weight? No doubt you can lose your weight and get fit within 7 days losing all your fats from your body. Most of the people are searching on the web about how to lose weight easily within few days. But you are missing out the main diet plan, and that is the GM diet plan.

This diet plan is made by the General Motors company for their employees so that the worker can work harder as they will stay fit. This diet plan was made by General Motors and US Agriculture Department combined.

GM diet plan

If you want to lose weight in a week, then this GM diet plan is perfect for you. Today you are going to know about the GM diet plan and details about how to maintain your daily food. This diet plan will surely make you fit in a week.

How do GM Diet plan work:

The GM diet plan is very much easy to follow, this diet plan is specially made for workers of General Motors. This diet plan is only for one week, and in this one week you can eat all the things that you are eating in the normal days, but the thing is that there will be a limit in everything and you will need to avoid oily foods.

In this one week, you will consume a combination of low calories veggies, fruits, water and also a complex carbohydrate. On following this diet plan strictly for a week, you can easily lose your weight upto 17 pounds which are a very good for your health.

So this is all about what is GM diet plan and how does this diet plan works on your body? Now to check out the day to day diet plan read below.

Day To Day guide for GM Diet plan:

Below are the brief description for day to day guide for this diet plan. So lets start with the Day 1

Day 1 diet plan:

Day 1 diet plan fruits

On Day 1 you can consume fruits as much as you want at any time. But except banana and the whole day has to be only fruits and water.

Schedule to follow on Day 1:




Evening Break​

Pre Dinner​


You can being your beautiful day with an apple and two glasses of water.

May be you are full in breakfast. So in the brunch you can have a cup of sliced Apple, Papaya mixture and a glass of lime or orange. Yes,  a glass of water is very important. 

​In Lunch you can have fruit salad a bowl full and enough water to fill your hunger. In the salad you can include most of the fruits but except banana.

​In the evening break you can have cool coconut water and a small bowl of sliced papaya.

​Around 6:00 to 6:30 PM you can again have a bowl of sliced melon and papaya and enough water.

​In dinner you can have mixed fruits like Apple, Pomegranate, melon, oranges etc. and enough amount of water.  

So this is the exact routine of Day 1 that you are to follow. But you can go for any fruit except banana, so if you are not having any of the fruits that are listed above then you can go for other fruits too.

Similar Fruits

Foods you should avoid:

  • You can not eat any veggies on this day.
  • You can eat all fruits except bananas
  • Also you have prevent all the proteins content food items like eggs, meats, beans, fish, lentils, mushroom etc.
  • Fats and oils are strictly prohibited in this day 1.
  • You are not allowed to consume any kinds of crabs, dairy and any kind of beverages.

​Exercise to do in Day 1 diet plan:

As the whole day​ you be only eating different kind of fruits and water. So you don't need to perform any rigorous exercise that will kill maximum energy of your body. You can do this following exercise that I have listed below

1. Arm circles.

2. Wrist circles.

3. Leg rotation.

4. Ankle rotation.

5. Neck rotation.

6. Waist rotation.

7.  Spot jogging for some 5- 10 minutes.

8. And also different yoga asans like stretching and stuffs​.

[Note: You can only do this exercises if you are all well. if you are having any injuries then you should not perform any exercises given above] ​

So this is all that you are going to do according to the Day 1 diet plan of GM diet plan. You have to keep in mind that though you do not perform any of this yoga but you must be strict on what you are eating on this Day 1.​

 Day 2 Diet Plan:

Vegetables on second day

On the first day you only ate fruits, so  in the Day 2 it is replaced with vegetables. Now you can consume all kind of vegetables either cooked or raw, but you should eat only healthy vegetables like tomato, beans, carrots, cucumber etc. also remember that you can not use oil and stuffs while preparing veggies for your diet.

Now let's check out the schedule of the Day 2 GM diet plan.

Day 2 Schedule:




Evening Break



In Day 2 breakfast it will be superb if you start with one boiled potato and 2 glasses of water.

​For brunch beak you can go for a bowl of boiled cabbages, a glass of beet juice and obviously enough water.

​For your lunch different veggie salad is the best with drizzled olive oil  Bunto mayo and obviously enough amount of water.

In the evening as you do not need much energy. So you can just eat some chopped onions, tomatos, cucumber like salad and ofcourse a good amount of water.

​Before dinner you can have some carrots or a glass of beet juice with out any sugar content.

​In you can dinner you can have any veggies, but you can have boiled broccoli and also other veggies like cabbage, cucumber, carrot etc. and add a pinch of salt or you can also go for olive oil.

Similar Veggies

Foods that you need to avoid on Day 2:

  • As in the Day 1 you are not allowed to eat any veggies. Same in this day you are not allowed to consume any fruits.
  • Even in this Day 2 routine you are not allowed to consume any type of food that content protein in it like eggs, fish, meat etc.
  • Fats and oils are strictly prohibited.
  • No crabs like white rice and other.
  • Dairy product are also strictly prohibited. So say no to milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese etc.
  • Not only this but you can also not consume any any beverages, alcohol and other packed foods.

So this is all the foods that you are to avoid in the Day 2 schedule of GM diet plan.

Exercise you can perform on Day 2:

​As you are going through a strict diet, it is very much important for you that you need do exercises every day. So here below are the exercise that you can do in this Day 2 diet.

1. Surya Namaskar.

2. Kapalbhati and skipping.

3. Arms circle.

4. You can also perform different type of rotation like ​wrist rotation, neck rotation, arm rotation and also shoulder rotation. But while performing this rotation exercise you must be sure about your health, if you are having any injuries then you are not to do exercises.

5. ​Cobler pose or Baddhakonasana.

6. And yes how can you forget about the face exercise.

This is all the exercise that you are to perform in Day 2 diet routine. After doing all this and being strict on your diet, you will be felling weak. But there is nothing to worry as this is normal as you are not consuming any proteins or calories that your body needs. Now lets check out the Day 3 diet plan.

​Day 3 diet plan:

fruits and veggies on the third day

This Day 3 plan sounds interesting as you are able to eat both fruits and vegetables except banana and potatoes (Here you do not need potatoes any more because you will get the calories from different fruits). But other then that you can eat any fruit or veggies as much as you want and enough amount of water obviously.

This is a short intro of this Day 3 diet plan. Now lets check out the exact routine of the Day 3 GM diet plan.​

Day 3 Schedule:




Evening Break

Pre Dinner


As on this day you can eat both fruits and veggies. So in the breakfast you can go for sliced carrot, a apple and lots of water. This is enough for your breakfast.

In the brunch you can have mixed salad of Tomato, onion and cucumber​. Also you can have a dish prepared by olive oil and black pepper, so that you have a great taste. Enough amount of water.

In you midday meal you can go for a glass of orange juice and some boiled cabbage or broccoli or some veggies salad. Lots of water.​

​In the evening break fruits will be the best for you. So you can have a ripe mango and a melon juice if it is available and yes enough amount of water.

In pre dinner you do not need to have ​heavy veggies or fruits. So you can just go ahead with a cup of mixed fruit salad and a glass of water.

​A bowl of boiled veggies and a cup of sliced apple and enough water will be the best for your dinner. 

Similar Foods

​Foods to avoid on Day 3 diet :

  • In this day you can eat both fruits and vegetables as much as you want except banana and potatoes.
  • Like the other two days Day 1 and Day 2. Now also you can not eat any food that have protein in it like eggs, fish etc. 
  • Fats and oils are strictly prohibited but you can only use Olive oil while preparing your dish.
  • ​No dairy products at all like milk, yogurt, ice cream etc.
  • No beverages, alcohol and even packed foods or juices.

This are all the food items that you should avoid strictly as you are following this diet. Always remember you should not even take a bite of any of this food that you need to avoid, otherwise you have to start from the beginning again.

Exercise to perform on Day 3:

1. You can perform arm circles.

2. And different type of rotation like wrist rotation, leg rotation, neck rotation, ankle rotation and shoulder rotation.

 3. Also Surya Namaskar, squats and lunges exercise.

4. Yes, not to forget about the face exercise.​

​This is all the exercise that you can do in Day 3 diet schedule and you can perform this exercise any time let it be in the morning or after office at the evening. Literally after performing this exercise  and strictly following the diet at the end of the day you will feel like refreshing and active and you won't feel weak like Day 2.

Now let's check out the Day 4 diet plan but Day 4 is one of the difficult diet plan and this is the turning point of this diet.

Day 4 diet plan:

banana and milk on the fourth day

In the past three days you have been avoiding bananas and dairy products. But in Day 4 diet plan you will only need to eat bananas and dairy products the whole day. Yes, it is kind of difficult but dishes will be tastier 🙂

Day 4 schedule:




Evening break

Pre Dinner


As in this day 4 you can only eat bananas and dairy product. So you can start your day with two bananas and enough water. Also you can eat GM wonder soup.

In the Brunch you can pick a glass of buttermilk and if not possible you can go for a glass of yogurt, but this foods will be without sugar. How can you forget banana! take one banana and some water. ​

For the mid day meal you should go for one banana, GM wonder soup and enough amount of water.​

​Now a cup of yogurt,  some bananas and a glass full of water will be the best.

​Before dinner you do not need much stuffs to eat, so you can have one butter and a glass of yummy butter milk.

​On dinner one banana and 2 glasses of GM wonder soup and water will be the best for you.

Similar Foods 

​Foods to avoid on Day 4:

  • You can not consume any veggies and any fruits except banana.
  • Still you are not allowed to consume any fats and oil content foods.
  • You can not consume any kind of carbs including white rice.
  • And you are to avoid alcohol, beverage, packed fruit and juices.

This are the food that you have to avoid in Day 4 diet plan . Now lets check upon the exercise that you are to follow.

Exercise for Day 4 diet plan:

1. You can start with normal exercise like jogging, Bicycle crunch, pilates etc.

2. Arms circles.

3. Also you can do leg, shoulder, wrist, neck and ankle rotation exercise.

As usual you should not perform all this exercise if you are having any physical problems. So it iwll be good if you consult with your doctor for exercises.​

After doing all this at the end of Day 4 you might feel demotivated or changed mood because of the food stuffs. So in this moment you can go an talk to those people who have successfully lose their weight with GM diet plan and drinking lots of water will really help you.

This is all about the Day 4 diet now lets check out the Day 5 diet plan and see how to eat beef.

Day 5 diet plan:

grilled chicken and boiled rice

Yaay, finally the day has come when you can eat beef and other meats, even though if it is limited. So lets check out the schedule of this day 5 diet plan.

Day 5 schedule:




Evening break 

Pre dinner


So in this lucky day it will be better if you start your day with a cup of tomato soup, with few panner in it. But not to forget about water. 

As in the brunch you will not need much energy so 1 tomato nicely chopped and a glass of water will be perfect.

In the lucnch you can go for a good meal like a cup of brown rice with some grilled chicken. With that you must have some sliced tomato and 2 cup of curd and yes good amount of water.

​Only a glass of water is perfect.

​Here also again water tomato soup is the best .

Today's dinner is good enough as you can have a small bowl of brown rice and some grilled chicken or fish. You can also take salt (only if you need) and lots of water.​

Similar Foods

​Foods to avoid on Day 5:

  • You can eat most of the vegetable but except potato or sweet potato and in fruits everything except banana.
  • In protein diet you can have all except beef, pork and turkey.​
  • All the beverages, alcohol are to be strictly prohibited and yes no packed foods and drinks.
  • You have to strictly avoid oils like butter, sunflower oil, lard etc. 
  • All the dairy products are to be prohibited.

This all foods are to be avoided by you for the day 5 GM diet plan. lets check out the exercises, if there is any.

Exercise for Day 5 diet plan:

Even in this Day 5 diet day you can continue with all those exercises that you do in the last four days because on fifth day also the exercise is the same even though if your food item changes.

At the end of the day 5 diet plan you will feel strong as you have ate lots of proteins from fruit and carbs, so definitely you will feel good. So day 5 has gone lets see the other two days and check out the Day 6 diet.

Day 6 diet plan:

vegetables and fruits

Now in this Day 6 diet of Gm diet plan you will again have to eat boiled veggies and fruits like before but, now you will find it easy because you have already eaten it before. So let's know the perfect schedule of the Day 6 diet plan.

Day 6 schedule:




Evening break 

Pre Dinner


A small bowl of boiled carrot and sprouts, enough water will be the best for your breakfast.

nothing much in brunch but boiled broccoli and beets and enough water is the best.​

You can make your lunch special by mixed veggie salad of sprout and other vegetables and obviously a glass of water.​

You do not need much in evening break other than boil beans and beet juice.​

Before dinner you do not need to consume food with high energy so a handful of sprouts is perfect for the pre dinner food​

In the dinner panner with vegetables are the foods you can have and yes do not forget about the water. ​

Similar Foods

​Foods to avoid on Day 6:

  • ​In the Day 6 you are able to eat veggies except potatoes and sweet potatoes. But you can are strictly not allowed to eat fruits.
  • You can have chicken and fish but you are not allowed to have pork, turkey and beef.
  • Just like the Day 5 diet you are not allowed to eat any types of oil.
  • No carbs are allowed like white rice and other foods.
  • No dairy products as usual, as they also contain some fats on them.
  • You are still not allowed to consume any alcohol, soda, drinks and any of the packed foods.

So here are the foods that are to strictly avoid from your diet plan for the day 6 diet plan. Lets check out the exercise to do on Day 6 diet.

Exercise for Day 6 diet:

1. You can perform rotation exercise like shoulder rotation, arms rotation, neck rotation and wrist rotation.

2. And some normal exercises like jogging, sit-ups, cycling, and stairs running​.

3. Yes, never forget about face exercise and push ups as it will also help you in loosing your fats in this seven days.

These are all the exercise that you are to do in the day 6 diet plan. At the end of Day 6 you will find your self getting slimmer then your body before, also you will start feeling lighter.Now lets know about the Day 7 the last but not the least for completing your diet.

Day 7 diet plan:

vegetables and fruits

On the last day you can eat all rice, veggies and fruits. So are you eager to know more about the Day 7 schedule? Then here below are the schedule of Day 7 diet plan.

Day 7 scheudule:​




Evening Break

Pre Dinner 


The last day breakfast be like some boiled carrots and a glass of fruit juice. Enough amount of water.

 In the brunch cabbage boiled with a pinch of salt, pepper and enough water is very perfect for your brunch.

In lunch you are allowed to have a bowl of boiled rice with some of your favorite boiled veggies which will also include some fruits and water.

Nothing much in evening break but the mixed sliced apple and papaya and a glass of water. 

You can get some juice like lemon juice, melon juice etc. but it should be refreshing.

Even in dinner you can have the same food item as lunch i.e. a bowl of boiled rice and few boiled veggies and enough amount of water.

Similar Foods 

Foods to avoid on Day 7:

  • ​You should not eat vegetables like potato and sweet potato. Fruits you can eat any but except Banana, mango, cherry & pears.
  • As usual you are not able to consume any amount of oil like lard, sunflower oil.
  • In the last day you are not allowed to eat any types of protein like beef, pork, chicken etc. 
  • You are also not allowed to have carbs, dairy products just like the other day.

You must take care when avoiding the foods because the one that you are avoiding should not be eaten. Once you eat that by mistakenly, you will again need to start everything from beginning. Let's check out the exercise to do in the Day 7.

Exercise to do on Day 7:

1. You can do different type of rotation exercise like neck, shoulder and wrist rotation.

2. Also perform Surya Namaskar, Sit-ups, air cycling, crunches and many more.

3. Also you can perform face exercise and squat.​

So this is all you need to do at Day 7 and at the end ​of the GM diet you will feel like you have already lose many weight from your body and now may be thinking to eat pork or beef as much as you want. But I must tell you that it is just a trap if you can come over this then you will be able to maintain your weight otherwise not.

Finally, you have lose the unwanted fats from your body and now you have got slim then before. You can check your self out in the mirror 😛

[Note: Before you follow this diet you must talk to your doctor because if you are not strong enough then you might have sever muscle pain or bone weakness. So you must consult with you doctor before you go through this diet plan]

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​What actually happens you finish the GM diet plan?

After you successfully finish the GM diet plan once it is all up to you, if you want to go for another one round or not. If you want to lose more weight then you can go for another round, but you must consult with your doctor about this diet plan because if you are not fit may be you won't be able to go through the diet plan again.

healthy and fit

But the main question does the weight stays maintained after decreasing the weight by GM diet plan? The answer will be NO, because if you are eating all those food which contains fats and oils then obviously your weight will be increasing.

In the whole diet plan there are only fresh foods and no fat content in the food and lots of exercise. So if you want to maintain your reduced weight then you can do regular exercise, also if you keep the habit of eating all healthy stuffs other then eating fast foods and other oily foods then you will not be able to maintain your weight.​

Recipe to make GM Wonder Soup:
GM wonder soup recipes

Ingredient you need to have for making the famous GM wonder soup:

  • 2 Green peppers.
  • Six big onions (according to the soup quantity)
  • Tomatoes.
  • Bunch of celery.
  • Water obviously
  • and a cabbage​.

Procedure to prepare it :

1. First of all, chop the onions and green peppers properly and then fry it on a pot using olive oil until their color changes to brownish.

2. ​Now cut the celery, tomatoes and cabbages and add them in the pot all together with half litre of water.

3. Now it will take you some few minutes to get prepared, as the veggies will need to be boiled properly. After it gets properly boiled leave it to simmer and then you can garnish the soup with green pepper and salt, enjoy drinking the delicious GM diet plan Wonder Soup.

So this is the recipes of GM wonder soup and the most interesting part of this soup is that you can drink this soup as much as you want in a day, as this is not having any bad impacts on your health and body. As I have said in the above diet plan about this wonder soup, so you can follow this recipe and make the delicious soup at home.

Advantages of GM diet plan:

  • As the diet plan is for only one week i.e. 7 days, so most the people can successfully complete it​. Some of the diet plan are really very lengthy and it is very difficult to follow them for longer period.
  • You can lose enough of your extra weight in just one week which is a very big advantage of this diet plan.
  • The last but not the least, as this diet consists of all fresh fruits, veggies and protiens which is very good for your body. This diet also helps to clear all the toxic chemicals from your body.

So this is all the advantages of the diet plan for which everyone likes to follow this diet.

This is the end of GM diet plan, follow up this diet plan for seven days or you can suggest your closed ones for losing weight and staying fit. Again saying this diet plan is the best plan you can ever get because all the other diet plan are for longer period of time. So what are you waiting for follow this diet plan ans stay healthy and fit 🙂 

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