Latest Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Latest Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom hairstyles have become so popular among those high school girls. It has become latest hairstyles trend with their uniqueness of their outfits. Most of the young girls love to express their boldness with the latest prom hairstyles, as that gives them classic looks and pretty impressive.

To own prom hairstyles make sure your character is the perfect match to this hairstyles and try to keep matching all the element such as like accessories, makeup and everything you wear should match all perfectly.

Here, I will share you some of the tips and came up with lots of variety collection of prom hairstyles for Long hair that you can try for yourselves.

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10 Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair:

1. Accent Braid Prom:

If you are a lover of prom hairstyle then it can drive you crazy and wild. This hairstyle will give you the best feminine looks ever. You can do it yourself at home, as it is so easy to curl up your hairs and make a messy bun with an accent, that will make your face more framing.

accent braid prome

2. Formal Dutch Fishtail: 

Try this new hairstyle, that will give you the best looks with accent braid, you can work down on your own. To have this hairstyle simply tie the section of the hair for the braid looks and let loose bun.

Dutch fishtail

3. Messy Bun along with the long side hairs:

This prom hairstyle for long hair will certainly look good with the best dress along with the crown. You can also adore it for the wedding hairstyles. To have this prom hairstyle try to opt for the side french braid letting the crown nearly messy bun. Teased poof the back portion of your hairs and curled it to the side in the front portion, as that will help you look more classy and formal looks.

messy hair

4. Classic prom with thick Braid: 

This classic prom hairstyle for long hair will certainly remind you back early 80s. The classic prom hairstyles with the french twist and its sleek style along with the full bun at the end will always give you the best glamour. You can try this at home and go for any occasion. All you need to is have long hairs for this classic prom.

classic prom hairstyle

5. Classic French twist: 

This style is so popular and the best that it will never exit from the hairstyle version. Any woman with this french twist will look more gorgeous. Indeed this hairstyle will look good with mermaid gowns and a minidress. To have this prom hairstyle you will need some hair spray to pine up.

classic french twist

6. Twisted side roll: 

This hairstyle will be the best for those women who have long hairs. For this hairstyle, all you need is the length that will help to twist to the side of your hairs. Try to create a twist to the sides and loose the buns, as that will keep you chic more fashionable and fresh.

twisted side roll

7. Waves prom: 

Waves prom hairstyle for long hair will give you the best for any occasion, all you need is create a volume to the hairs and you will need length to create more bun on your hairstyle. To add more curled to your hairs you will need to pine up each of the curled bunch to give more wavy effects on the hairs.

prom hairstyles

8. Dutch Braid prom: 

Dutch Braid Prom hairstyles for long hair is new and latest hairstyles which will give you the best dutch looks. For this hairstyle you will need long hair that will help you to create a braid, you can make and illusion hair design to give more highlight to the hairs.

prom hairstyles

9. Messed up high bun: 

The huge volume of hairs on the high race will suit you for any occasion. For this hairstyle, you will certainly need a  bun sponge to create this types of structure.

prom hairstyles

10. Loose side curl and long: 

Loose side curl and long prom hairstyle will give you the perfect mermaid looks, For this hairstyle, you will need to have long hairs so that you can curly and let loose to the side part of your face. You will need to twist them all together and create a beautiful messy braid.

prom hairstyles

If you are still confused with the hairstyles, try those latest new prom hairstyles for yourself. This hairstyle can be done sitting at home, as it is very easy to curl and twist at home if you do have sufficient tools. If you do still have any queries regarding prom hairstyle for long hair please do comment below. We are here to assist you.

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