10 Best 2000 Watt Hair Dryer Which Doesn’t Harm Hair

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Colourful and best designed hair dryers always catch our eyes. Yet, with the design and texture, you should also check the power capacity of every hair dryer you want to buy. You should be aware of the kind of hair dryer you want to purchase along with its best quality and the power capacity. 

2000 watt hair dryer

It may be very confusing to you when you see many hair dryers with high power watt. You might be thinking that hair dryer with 2000 watt and more may damage your hair.

But to surprise you, my dear friends, 2000 watt hair dryers are not meant to damage your hair. Instead, these hair dryers with 2000 watt and above power capacity will give you your desired hairstyle, the professional salon beauty adding shine to your hair without even over heating it.

Here, are some of the top 10 lists that will be the best hairstyling tools for you.

List of Top 10 2000w hair dryer

 #1. xtava Allure supreme 2200w:

If you are looking for the best and powerful hair dryer than, xtava allure 2200w can certainly be of your choice. Buy today on Amazon.com and save up to 31%.


2000w hair dryer

Features of xtava Allure:

  • The ionic ceramic technology boosts hair dryer to dry the hair 80% faster than the other dryer. Tourmaline ceramic in the dryer helps the water to soak at an instant without damaging hairs and keep shinier.
  • Xtava Allure combines 2000w with a powerful motor and its lightweight frame gives an outer looks very sleek and stylish design.
  • Allure also provides three heat settings and two-speed buttons that make it more perfect for the professional use.
  • This hair dryer got the best features in it, that is it can produce cold air and make your hair a perfect shinier and protect from getting frizzy.

#2. Elchim Classic 2001w Dryer:

Elchim is purely engineered for professional hairstyling tools. It is long lasting and most powerful dryer comes in the category of durable and well balanced.



Features of Elchim:

  • Elchim is attached with high powerful AC motor at the end, as it produces a high volume of air to dry the hairs instantly.
  • This hair dryer is an Italian engineered product.
  • It is lifetime manufacturing warranty.

#3. HIRALIY YL-8899:

This product is installed with 2000w AC motor and has a negative ionic blow dryer along with two blow dryer nozzles. You can get it on Amazon.com.


professional hair dryer 2000w

Features of HIRALIY:

  • The powerful 2000watt AC motor helps the hair to dry at least 45% faster than the other dryer and it is 3x longer motor life.
  • You can change the moving speed button in an instant, with an option of two heat settings.
  • The negative ionic technology in the dryer makes a constant temperature helps to protect your hair from getting dryness and damage.
  • It also consists of a cool shot button, as that helps to add a little gloss to the hair.

#4. BaByliss ITALIAN 2000W:

If are little crazy about getting stylish hair dryer than this product will impress you with its Ferrari design V12 engine. This product is based on Italian technology, available on Amazon.com.


2000w V12engine

Features of BaByliss

  • This product is very lightweight with its Italian design having 2000w, and the Ferrari engine helps the dryer to reduce the noise along with the removable filter.
  • Motor comes with the combination of nano titanium infused grill along with the ionic generator technology.
  • The turbo boost technology helps to hot air to blow at an instant and dry 50% faster.
  • The product is made in Italy and based on V12 Ferrari engine.

#5. TAIFF Fox Ion-TC:

Taiff comes with 2000W Black color with a bold look and very powerful. The design itself proves to be the professional hairstyling tools.


2000w hair dryer

Features of TAIFF:

  • This product is very light due to its compact design.
  • It is inbuilt with long lasting AC motor and durability.
  • Being lightweight it is so powerful installed with 2000w.
  • This hair dryer got the power to generate five million negative ions per cm.
  • It has also inbuilt buttons of two speeds and three temperature in it.

#6. Rusk 2000 watt:

Rusk hair dryer is mainly designed for the professional that is ergonomically designed and installed with the ceramic tourmaline. That helps to emit natural warm air to the hair without damaging. This product is available on Amazon.com and you can save up to 20%.warm air to the hair without damaging.


2000w hair dryer

Features of Rusk:

  • This product is specially designed with the help of infrared heat and the ionic technology, as that helps to reduce hair drying time eventually.
  • Rusk is a professional engineered with ceramic in it.

#7. ISO Beauty Ionic Dryer Pro 2000W:

If you are looking for the new trend in hair dryer than this unique product with giraffe print can be the best for you. Available on Amazon.com and get up to 8% off.


2000 watt hair dryer

Features of ISO Beauty:

  • This Product uses ionic hair dryers molecules to dry the hairs at an instant with the help of the negative charge.
  • The long lasting motor that is installed with the power of 2000w to produce surplus hot air to the hairs without causing any damage.
  • It has a cool shot button to flow a cold air to the air and make it more shiny and glossy. With the combination of two speed and three heat settings.

#8. Conair GB070W Pro Goldbird 2000W:

Conair goldbird comes with the ionic ceramic technology installed with 2000w powerful motor enough to dry hairs at an instant.


2000w conair hair dryer

Features of Conair GB070W:

  • Conair goldbird comes with the combination of powerful motor and it has a warranty period of a lifetime on a motor.
  • The power button in it includes with the option of two heat buttons and speed settings for the users.
  • It also has the optional accessories such as like straightening and concentrator nozzle.

#9. Extracompact Twinturbo 3500 2000W:

This product with the powerful twin turbo motor comes in a compact frame. That is mainly for those are professionals. It has the capability to run for an hour. If you are looking for heavy duty hair dryer tools then you can get this on Amazon.com.


2000W hair dryer

Features of Twin turbo 3500:

  • This product will give the microswitch option to produce cold air during the multipurpose use.
  • This hair dryer is well built with the help of safety thermostat and the nickel chrome heating elements.
  • The buttons in it consist of two-speed buttons along with the combination of four temperature settings.
  • The motor in it comes with the K-lamination for balancing the motor while running it.

#10. Jilbere Nano silver Dryer 2000 Watt:

This product Nanosilver may look very compact and small tool, but it is very powerful with its heavy duty motor. That can dry the hairs at an instant, you can buy this product on Amazon.com.


nano hair dryer

Features of Nano Silver:

  • Nano silver comes with the option of concentrator nozzle.
  • Its high-performance 2000w motor runs with the ionic generator.
  • At the end point, you will find an 8-foot power cord with the hanger for the best use.
  • They also provide the hinged filter for the user as an optional tool.

If you are still in a dilemma to buy the best brand new powerful 2000 watt hair dryer, then this are some of the best products that are available on Amazon.com at a discount price. Place an order today and get a free shipping at your door step tomorrow.

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