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10 Must Visit Place in India Before You Turn into Thirty

There are many places in India that you must visit at least once when you are young and bachelor just you and your mate, like the bachelor trip. Believe me, and there are many places in India that are more beautiful than foreign countries tourist spots. Today I am telling you all this because, in this article, I am going to tell you about those places in India that you must visit before you turn into thirty. So are you ready to make your bachelor life more colorful by visiting all these places in India before you reach thirty?

Here below you will be getting all the top 10 places that you must visit in India till you are young.

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Top10 best places that you must visit before you reach thirty:

1. Trekking on the beautiful hills of Mcleodganj:

This is one of the best places that you can visit with all your best buddies before you reach to thirty. The beautiful valleys, flowers and snow hills will just attract you towards it, and the best thing in this valley is that you can do camping in the open sky with lots of stars above you at night. As this valleys and mountains come under the Dhauladhar ranges there is snowfall most of the time. So you can also enjoy snowfall in this valley, I must say it will be the best trip with your mates.

trekking in mcleodganj hills

2. Scuba Diving in Andaman:

Andaman is always known for its beautiful water views and romantic resorts and beaches. But I want to tell you that Andaman can also be one of the best trip destination to book before you turn into thirty. You can do Scuba diving in the beautiful Indian ocean and get a close view of the beautiful reefs with many colorful water creatures. So if you are a lover of beautiful blue oceans, then this would be one of the best trip destination that you would love to go with all your close mates.

scuba diving

3. Exploring the Wild Life sanctuary of Binsar:

Are you interested in exploring some unknown places but beautiful then I am sure you will not miss going trip with your mate in this destination? This is actually a wildlife sanctuary Binsar and this place is very much well known in India for Peace, Hills, Wildlife, Chills and many other. So you will get many thrills in this wild life sanctuary century while exploring with lots of wild animals and others.

wild life century of binsar


4. Visiting the color of Kolkata:

The city gets together in festivals like Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja and many other, and the Kolkata city is very much well known for the sweets and color. So if you are to visit the Kolkata city then te month of October will be the best for you because it is the month of the occasion. And believe me, your trip to Kolkata will be the best for you as the city has lots of colors and sweets in it.

beauty of kolkata

5. Having fun in Sikkim:

Trip doesn’t mean only exploring the beauty of the world, but you can also enjoy the mystical place of India that is Sikkim. In Sikkim, you can get the essence of Buddhism around you, with lots of natural beauty too. So you can have fun in the beautiful foggy mountains and beautiful curvy roads.

beauty of sikkim

6. Cherrapunji, Living Roots Bridge: 

If you want to see a real natural miracles, then you must come to Shillong and visit Cherrapunji, the living roots bridge. In Shillion it is both good for trekking and adventuring beautiful waterfalls and many other. I must say this living roots will force you say WOW and also the cleanest village in India.

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living roots

7. Feel the Music in Goa:

Are you addicted to music, concerts and music fest? Then Goa is one of the best places that you must visit till you are young. Not only you will find music in Goa, but you can also enjoy in clubs and bars, the main thing is beautiful beaches of Goa. I must Goa is one of the beautiful places in India.

musics in Goa

8. Trekking at Markha Valley:

For all the trekking lovers, there is a good news, and that is, now you will not need to go in any foreign countries. Because you can now enjoy foreign type trekking in India itself in Markha Valley. So all the trekking lovers let’s all meet up in the Markha Valley for trekking before you get into thirty.

markha valley

9. Roopkund Trek in Himalaya:

Always want to visit a place with lots of snow and mountains, then there is nothing much better than Himalaya mountains. Walking in the snow hills really gives us a good experience always, and Himalaya is one of the best places if you like to walk in the mountains covered with snow. So all the snow trek lovers visit at least once in Himalaya, believe me, it will be the best one. So what are you waiting for just pack up your things and head towards the airport and come straight to Himalaya mountain?

roopkund himalaya treying

10. Solang – Best for paragliding:

When you are young, it is the best time for you to explore the world. So are you looking for a place where you can also do some adventure that you have never done then Solang is the best place for you. Because I am very much sure that you have never done paragliding till date in your life. So this is the opportunity, grab all your things and make a plan with your best buddies and then go to Solang valley for paragliding and enjoying peace natural beauty. Must say this is one of the beautiful places that you might have ever visit in India, the natural beauty really attracts us.

solang paragliding

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So this is all list of places that you must not miss to visit before you turn thirty. If you have not visited any of this places, and you are already thirty, then I must say you have not enjoyed your teenage at its peak. If you not yet thirty, then I would like to insist you to book tickets for any of this above listed places in India and enjoy your teenage age at its peak. Please share this with your mate who is not yet thirty.