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10 Helpful Ways to Get Rid of Headache

Headache is a pain in the skull arising from the upper neck or the head. They originate from the tissues surrounding the skull.  It may not be just a pain in the skull, but a dangerous turn to severe ones. Headaches may be the cause of dehydration, less intake of water, stress and may be the change of hormone levels.


There are different kinds of headaches like a migraine, clusters, morphings, etc. It may be dull, mild or intense headaches; we cannot simply sit bearing pain. We need remedies to cure them.

You may not want to swallow the bitter tablets whenever you have a headache. It is also not safe always to have those medicines either. If you are suffering from headaches frequently, yet do not want to get rid with medicines, the remedies mentioned below may be of your great help.


There are several remedies with which you can get rid of your headaches instantly. Just have a look through, they may be the complete cure for your headaches which you have been trying to cure for a long time.

10 Useful Remedies Which Can Cure your Headache Fast:

  1. Rosemary and Thyme Oil

    This oil is very helpful in bringing down the pain in the head. Just dip your tip of fingers to this oil and apply it on your head. It will give you instant relief to your headache no matter how heavy it is.oil

  2. Lavender oil

    Few drops of lavender oil boiled in a litre of water to have a steam to inhale one natural way to heal your severe headache as a migraine. You can also apply few drops to the part of your head to get rid of such headaches. Lavender oil, however, should not be taken orally. oil

  3. Basil Oil

    Headaches can also be rid by simply chewing the basil leaves or applying the oil. It will give you relief instantly. You can also apply to the chest and the lips to get relief from the pain.leaves

  4. Magnesium

    Lack of magnesium in the body may also be the cause of severe headaches. Therefore, intake of foods supplying magnesium to the body can also be a relief to the pain you are suffering. You just need to take the food supplements which will provide you the magnesium your body required.

    how to get rid of headache

  5. Ginger

    Ginger, the traditional Chinese medicine is a great relief to every a severe headache. Small bites of ginger can reduce the migraine headache and also acts as a prevention to it.tea

  6. Pressure Points

    The pressure points of your body can also bring you relief from the pain you are suffering. There are certain pressure points in the body which can help you cure many diseases. Have a subtle massage on those points to get rid of the headaches.body

  7. Sleep

    Oversleep and lack of sleep can be a major cause of a severe headache. Having a proper sleep exactly the amount of sleep your body need will surely help get relief from the pain in the head.girl

  8. Acupuncture

    Acupuncture has been a great help to many. This is the Chinese way of curing certain diseases. Many people who are suffering from an unending migraine are relieved with this acupuncture.  method

  9. Do Yoga

    Yoga has been the cure to many diseases and also has helped many to have a healthy body. Simple postures of yoga can also bring relief to headaches. You can also do yoga to have a healthy, fit body and weight loss. posture

  10. Massage

    Headaches often caused by the stress and tension needs a good massage. Massage works best on the tension muscles to stop the pain and so also some posture problems.

    how to get rid of headache



    The above-mentioned remedies are simple and easy to follow which will ultimately relief you from the headaches you are suffering. Even if you have the worst of headaches, these above mentioned remedies will surely help you get rid of it.

    They are simple yet very effective in giving you relief from the pain. Therefore, why to waste time going to doctor to get relief from headaches or why to depend only on medicines and tablets, when all these simple remedies are just at an arm’s length?.. If you have any suggestion comment us below and also, give your valuable feedback. 🙂

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