10 Best Shades of Burgundy hair colour

10 Best Shades of Burgundy hair colour

Colouring hair is now one of the biggest trends that are seen in the today’s generation people. You may have seen your friends shading their hair with different hair colors like burgundy hair colour and many other colors. Don’t you wanna give a try? But before coloring your hair with some artificial color you need to choose the perfect color for your self. As too much of color changing your hair may also destroy your hair quality. Out of all the color, burgundy hair colour is such kind that it suits with all types of skin tone and people. So if you want you can blindly color your hair into burgundy, as it will suit you in any outfit.

Here you will know about the different shades of burgundy hair with highlights, as there are different burgundy shades that you can apply on your hair according to your skin color. If you choose the dark burgundy hair colour then you will able to apply it on your hair and wear any kind of outfits. As the color matches with every kind of skin color. So let’s have a look different shades of hair color to apply on your hair to look trendy.

Best 10 Shades of Burgundy Hair Colour:

1.Vibrant Ruby:

vibrant ruby

This gorgeous shade of burgundy hair ombre suits for every hairstyle and skin tone. It will perfectly suit those with the gold tones and olive tones skin types. This rich vibrant burgundy color on your beautiful will display your fun loving personality.

2.Red Velvet

red velvet

This hair colour suits with every skin tone. This Red Velvet shade will really boost up your confidence. It is best for those with thick hair. In order to keep the glow and shine of the hair, a regular visit to the salon will help you.

3. Cherry Bombshell 

cherry bomshell

If you want to improve your hairstyle to make it more beautiful, you can go for this shade. This hair colour best suits for people with very light brown and gold skin tones. This hair colour can be perfect with every hairstyle. This hair colour will give you a bold look.

4. Berry Boucles

berry boucles

Your curly hair should no more be your excuse for unable to look beautiful. This berry boucles shades of burgundy hair colour will simply help you out giving you a stunning look. The wavy hair now can become one of your means to show your confidence. This colour also looks fabulous with all the medium hairstyles, and the best part of this colour treatment is that the mask will help to retain this shade to the hair longer.

5. Mahogany Mocha 


This gorgeous shade of burgundy hair with highlights best fits the medium and darker skin tone. This hair colour will give you a cool look with the fashion in the air. This suits best for the thick and natural volume hair. This colour shines and glows on the healthy locks of hair falling on your shoulder.

6. Sugar Plum:

sugar plum hair color


You can choose this shade of hair colour if you want to add charm to your beauty. The rich plum colour suits best with the fair and medium skin tones. You will have stylish adorable beauty with this colour.

7. Wine Corkscrew Curl

wine curl

Your curly hair which once had been the reason of keeping your friends away from you now can be their topic of discussion. This hair colour will get back all the attention of your friends towards you. It suits with all the skin tones and is best suits on burgundy hair on dry skin.

8. Cranberry Crush


Darker in the roots and lighter to the ends of the hair, this hair colour will simply leave your hair beautiful. This hair colour will work well along with the mermaid waves of your hair. This shade suits best with the pink or peach skin tones. Also if you are returning home then this can also become the best homecoming hairstyle, as it looks gentle enough to come up in front of your parents.

9 Cherries Jubilee


This shade of hair colour suits best with the yellowish complexion. This hair colour will display your daring personality. So, look bold and daring wearing this hair colour this season.

10. Burgundy Bangs


This hair colour will work best on thicker hair and with the medium-dark skin tones. Give a change to your look with this shade which will catch the attention of others to your beauty. The above-shown picture shows the short hair color, but you can also go for it even though if you are having long thick hair. The colour is comfortable with all kinds of hair.

Burgundy hair colour comes in many different shades for you to try. It’s time for you to pay attention to your hair with all these above-mentioned shades of burgundy hair ombre. The different shades of this rich red vibrant burgundy will surely leave your hair highlighted. Forget the worries about the colour suiting to your skin, I have mentioned the shades of burgundy along with the skin tones it suits with. Each shade has their contributions, all you have to do is, just give them a try!

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