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Top 10 Best Panasonic Hair Dryers You Must Have

Panasonic is one of the most largest Japanese electronic producer. It is founded by Konosuke Matsushita. Panasonic is a name of a brand which not only produces electronics but also non- electronic products. In the year 2012, it was declared as the world's fourth-largest television manufacturer.

With its best services, Panasonic has been gaining popularity across the world. It first began with producing a bicycle lamp in 1927. Panasonic has introduced many device to make our life easier. It has also introduce best hair dryers with best features.

hair dryer

There are many Panasonic hair dryers. They are new, beautiful and as the company has been giving its best of service, it does not lack the qualities with the hair dryers too. The Panasonic hair dryers are one among the best choice of many. If you want to get the best Panasonic hair dryer for daily use, the best one are mentioned below.

I hope You will surely like to see through some of the best Panasonic hair dryers before purchasing them.

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​Top 10 Best Panasonic Hair Dryer For you:

1. Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care white EH-NA97-W

hair dryer

This beautiful professional Panasonic hair dryer is of 1200 watt power. It has a set nozzle and 1.7m power cord for comfortable use. It is of AC 100V and 50-60Hz. This beautiful dryer will take your hair to the other level of beauty. Get one of this and enjoy the experience.

2. Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care pink EH-NA97-P

panasonic hair dryer

This beautiful invention of the Panasonic is perfect for those looking for the best quality hair dryers. It dries the wet hair instantly without causing any damage. It consumes about 1200 watt power and has 1.7m length of power cord for flexible use. With its best of features, it will give your hair a gorgeous hair.

3. Panasonic Hair Dryer Ionity Pink EH-NE28-P


This Panasonic hair dryer has a voltage power supply of 100V and consumes 1200 watt power. It protects the hair from getting damage by producing the negative ions. It has a quick drying removable nozzle and a length of 160m power cord. It has the capacity to suppress the excessive electricity flow to the hair. This beautifully designed pink hair dryer is best for one looking the best model of the Panasonic hair dryers.

4. Panasonic Hair Dryer ionity pink EH-NE26-P

hair dryer

This beautiful Panasonic hair dryer is a new model. It is of 1200 watt power which gives out warm air to dry the wet hair instantly. It emits negative ions to fight against the hair damaging positive ions. It is also removes the high amount of electricity flow to the hair. This 100v hair dryer will surely give your hair a healthy look, manageable and shine.

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5. Japan Hair Products - Panasonic hair dryer Ioniti gray EH-NE28-H

panasonic hair dryer

This professional hair dryer of 100v and 1200 watt power is beautifully designed to make it look attractive. The look itself displays the best quality it has. It has a quick drying removable nozzle.It has about 110 degree Celsius and produces negative ions to protect the hair from getting damage. It also has the capacity to suppress the excessive flow of electricity to the hair. The warm air flowing from this hair dryer will leave your hair lovely.

6. Panasonic Ionizing Turbo-Dry Mini IONITY Hair Dryer EH5212P-A

ionity hair dryer

This is another beautiful professional mini Panasonic hair dryer.It has the power supply of 100V and consumes 1200 watt power. It dries the wet hair instantly making it silky, smooth and healthy. If you are looking to get one of the Panasonic hair dryer, you can not just simply skip this of your sight.

7. Panasonic hair dryer Nanokea Vivid pink EH-NA97-VP

panasonic dryer

This beautiful pink Panasonic hair dryer consumes 1200 watt power. It has a set nozzle to give you the perfect amount of air flow to dry your hair. It is easy to handle and comfortable to use. There can not be any doubt regarding the quality of the Panasonic brand, therefore this product can be one by which you can achieve the best of hair and hair styles.

8. Panasonic Hair dryer Ionity white EH-NE36-W

hair dryer

This beautiful white Panasonic hair dryer consumes 1200 watt power and has 100V. It is light weight and easy to handle. Its size will not bother you carrying it along while travelling. It is one of the best hair dryer you can choose to get a gorgeous hair. Get your hair look healthier and shiner with this hair dryer.

9. Panasonic Negative-Ion ZIGZAG IONITY Hair Dryer EH5206P-A

panasonic hair dryer

This beautiful ionic hair dryer is one of the best creation of the Panasonic. The size and the weight are just at comfort for use. It has 1200 watt power to dry the wet hair quickly. This AC100V - 120V hair dryer, when to touching your hair will give out a stunning look. This blue hair dryer is beautifully designed and will also give you beautiful quality service.

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10. Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer EH5305P-T Brown

panasonic hair dryer

This is one among the most professional hair dryers of Panasonic. It is a low noise ionic hair dryer. Its AC is of 100V and 1200 watt power to dry your hair instantly. The size and weight of this dryer is just comfortable to be handled. This beautiful brown Panasonic hair dryer may one of the best which you would like to chose for your hair.

Panasonic has been the most popular Japanese company. This brand name has given the best of quality in all products. The above mentioned Panasonic hair dryers are perhaps among the best. If you are confused of choosing the best model of the Panasonic hair dryer, I hope this article has helped you.

I have tried giving you some features of the Panasonic hair dryers which may help you get the right one. If I have missed out anything with the above mentioned hair dryers, I am glad at taking your suggestions. I will bring you more about the other products of the Panasonic in my next article. If you feel that my today's article has helped you, then please share it with your friends and relatives. You can also add some comments below to help write better article in future.

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