How to Make Pasta within Few Minutes


Pasta is an Italian dish and has varieties of types, which have been made in hotels and restaurants not only in Italy but also all over the world. Typically pasta is a noodle based dish, and it is divided into two broad categories, fresh pasta, and dried pasta. Fresh pasta traditionally is handmade pasta, where dried pasta has made by the machine.But today varieties of fresh pasta are also produced by the machines commercially. You might be wondering how to make pasta? Well, I will share you some tips.
how to make pasta

The Italian dish ‘Pasta’ is very quick and easy to make and it is also very easy to get spoiled. If pasta does not boil well, you will end up cooking crispy noodles. If you boil it too much, you will end up with the gloppy pasta soup. Pasta needs to be made with the perfect heat, and it needs a proper boiling time and period.

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Now, in case you are in a hurry, getting late for a meeting, school, college, office, etc., or coming back home with tiredness. What would you do about the meal? Pasta would be the best meal for you, as you can make pasta in very less time. Here I have discussed on how to make pasta within few minutes.
how to cook pasta

Ingredients to Prepare Pasta:

The pasta had been achieved in the Italy from ages. It is the traditional dish of Italians; later it has become famous outside of the region. Now it is a very popular dish in the world. Pasta is made up of wheat or maize. But in different areas, it has been made by buckwheat, rye, rice and corn as well.
Some traditional recipes use rice and corn mostly, and it is also supplemented by cooked potatoes. It can also include spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheeses, herbs, spices, etc. as an additional recipe.

Which type of pasta to cook in less Time?

As I have mentioned above; there are two major types of pasta such as fresh pasta and dried pasta. Fresh pasta is made by hand, if you say you would make handmade pasta in a few minutes, you are wrong about it.
As making pasta with hand consumes lots of time. Where the dried pasta takes lesser time as it is already raised by the machines, as it is always available in the stores. You can make dried pasta only within 5-7 minutes.

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Additional Ingredients to make delicious pasta:  

Fresh pasta made with the mixture of eggs. Whereas, fresh pasta is made by eggs. It is more tender compared to dried pasta. It requires half of the time to cook than dried pasta. Fresh pasta is very popular in the Piedmont area near France border, Apulia, Sicily, etc., fresh pasta is more healthy than dried pasta.

Dried pasta usually produced in a vast quantity, which does require large machines to manufacture. Dried pasta has made for business purpose so that the pasta can be delivered to the distant places out of the region.

To make delicious pasta, you will need:

  1. A frying pan,
  2. Water,
  3. Salt,
  4. Pasta.

You can also use ingredients such as sauce, tongs, colander, etc. for additional taste. Tomato sauce was a revolutionary ingredient to give flavor to the pasta.

Few Steps to cook pasta at home:

  • Boil water: Take water in a frying pan along with the pasta and start cooking it. Notice that the water is neither more or less. Make sure your pasta does not stick together.
  • Add salt: Add a teaspoon of salt to the boiling water right after you heat the frying pan. The salt will add pasta a melancholy flavor.
  • Keep pushing: And if you are cooking long pasta, keep pushing your pasta against the bottom of the frying pan. Make sure your pasta does not break, it will take a few seconds to spread all over the pan.
  • Do not put the lid: Do not put the lid cover on the pan, it will soften up the pasta, and the water will boil over. You may end up with starchy, tangled mess.
  • Taste: Always eat the pasta to see whether it is done or not. It usually does not take too much time to boil. So, it should be done within 3-4 minutes maximum.
  • Make it dry: If you can spend some more time to make it, you can dry out the boiling water and make the dish dry. Dried pasta also has the different taste.
  • Ready: You can now put sauce to give flavor to the pasta. It will barely take 2 minutes to properly cook the to make pasta

Now your pasta is ready. Have fun with your pasta.

There are lots of types and flavors you can try out. Today, here in my article I have discussed how to make Pasta in less time. You don’t have to make pasta of your own. You can buy it from your nearer shop and make it within just a few minutes. I hope you learned how to make pasta in a short time. If you like my article, please comment on given below. I will come up with more dishes in sooner time.

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