Best Time and Places to Visit in Kochi for Nature Lovers


The original name of ‘Kochi’ came from Cochin, a port city located in the southwestern coastal region of India surrounded by the Arabian Sea. This town is also known as Ernakulam as well. The port city of Kochi is the main gateway city of Kerala state and referred as “Queen of the Arabian Sea”.

places in kochi

Many visitors are attracted towards its historical architectures such as Mattancherry Palace (known as Dutch Palace), Folklore Museum, and to some beaches like Payyambalam beach and Cherai beach. This city is also known as the second biggest city of Kerala and considered to be the first ranked city in the state for attracting the national and the international tourists. Apart from this, it has a breathtaking scenic view for the photographers to shoot as well as for the nature lovers along with honeymoon destination.
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This city has a moderate equatorial climate with scorching and humid summers, cool winters, and high rainfall almost throughout the year. It is truly blessed with the natural weather, backwater, beaches and Islands. Not only is the city popular for its beautiful tourist places but also for its commercial port. You can visit anytime but the best time to visit Kochi is from October to March. This is considered to be the best time for exploring the natural beauties of Kochi.

Some of the best time and places of Kochi that you can visit this season.

Best Time to Visit Kochi

You can visit this places throughout the year, but it also has different charm in different seasons. Here is the month wise information of the weather of the city:

  • October to February: It is considered to be the pleasant time for the nature lovers, adventurous trips, and honeymooners as winters are by far. During this time the temperature range is 17 to 33 degrees Celsius.
  • March to June: This time is used to be a great time because you can put on your cotton clothes and carry sunscreen along with you as it is the beginning of the summer. Peoples are less crowded at this time. Temperature range during this time is 20 to 37 degrees Celsius.
  • July to September: This time is the monsoon season of the city. You can enjoy seeing the city in its rain-washed splendor though it’s not a tourist season.


Best Places to Visit Kochi

Kochi is rich for its natural harbors, ayurvedic massages beaches, and aromatic spices even when you walk down the streets of Kochi you can smell the aroma of it. Whether the varieties of spices attract the tourists or the beautiful beaches, they got some tourists throughout the year. There are some places to explore the beauty of Kochi with many tourist destinations. Followings are some tourist spots that will help you to choose:

  • Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary: It is located in the center of Kochi and also known as the “green lung of Kochi.” This is the home for the bird species and migratory birds in protected area.
    best time and places in kochi
  • Fort Kochi: It is in the Ernakulam district of Kerala and a beautiful sunset point. Locally fresh fish are caught and explored for the seafarers. It was once in possession of the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the European at early days.
    places in kochi
  • Francis Church: It is the first European church built in India and known as the burial spot of Vasco da, Gama. One of the oldest churches in India built in the year of 1553.
    best time and places in kochi
  • Payyambalam Beach: It is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in India and also popular for its white sand. It is 3km far from the Kannur city in Kerala. This place is quiet, subtle and a picnic spot for the local people.
    places in kochi
  • Cherai Beach: It is an amazing beach located in the north of Vypin Island. One of the longest beaches in Kochi covered with coconut and palm. For those who love to swim, Swimming is the common enjoyable activities mostly done on this beach.
    places in kochi
  • Mattancherry Palace: It is also called Dutch Palace, an old historical palace displays some old mural paintings and the two old great scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata was depicted. It is located at Mattancherry in Kochi (Kerala) and was originally built by the Portuguese.
    places in kochi
    This are the best time and places  that you can try visiting this season for your next holiday destination. Hopefully i helped you with the guide above, if you you are still confused with this content above please do comment below.
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