Beautiful Beaches in Mumbai For You To Visit


Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, is one of the most populated cities in India. It is also the second most populated metropolitan city in the country. The city is also known as one of the richest states in India. But this is not the only things that Mumbai is famous for, and there are also many beautiful beaches in Mumbai which you can visit in Mumbai whenever you visit.

As you know, Mumbai is located on the west coast and is surrounded by ocean on three sides. You can see the city is having many beautiful beaches around then the other things, and I must say if you are planning to visit Mumbai in your weekends then you must make plans to visit beautiful beaches in Mumbai. In this content, I am going to tell you about some of the beautiful beaches in Mumbai that you must visit at least once in your life.

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Beautiful Beaches in Mumbai Must Visit:

1. Juhu Beach:

This is one of the famous beaches of Mumbai. It is the longest beach of the city with 6 km long distance. This beach is always crowded throughout the day. This beautiful beach will give you the opportunity to view the taking off of aircraft as the airport is very near to it. The ISKON temple is another neighbor of the beach which connect it to the city. The various kinds of street foods which are of your favorite are available here.

juhu beach

2. Gorai Beach: 

This is another beautiful beach of Mumbai. It lies in the north-east of Gorai Village and therefore is named after it. This beach is famous for varieties of local seafood available in the market next to the beach. The beach has fewer visitors during the weekends but is a famous picnic spot.You can take a ferry or drive from Borivali to reach to this beautiful beach of Mumbai city.

gorai beach

3. Marve Beach:

 This is one of the cleanest beaches of the city. It is situated in Malad far away from the populated city life and the industrial pollution. This beach is dangerous for swimming because of fast sinking mud and swift currents. This beach is comparatively small and narrow yet is a beautiful place to visit. The beautiful villas properties belonging to the elite class of the city is beautifully lined up on the beach. If you want to spend time alone or with your loved ones, this beach is the beast place for you to choose. The beautiful sight of the sea water and the lonely and lovely beach will create a romantic atmosphere which for you and your loved ones.

marve beach

4. Madh Island Beach: 

The Arabian Sea on the west and the Malad Creek on the east, gives this beach an amazing view. This beach is also famous for holding parties. It is one of the renowned tourist spots of the city. If you are a seafood lover, this beach is ready to offer you the best and varieties of seafoods. The number of food joints and parties are the reasons of the beach to attract many tourists. It is well connected through the road and therefore is easy to reach.

madh island

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5. Aksa Beach:

If you are a lover of the sea treasures, this beach is just best for you. It is because in this beach, the strong swifting currents of waters comes up to the shore leaving behind all the valuables like shells. This beautiful beach of Mumbai is famous for the young couples. It lies between Borivali and Malad. This beautiful beaches in Mumbai, though unsafe for swimming but is best if you want o to have a leisurely walk along the coastline. This place will make you feel at heaven with the cool breeze and the beautiful sea view.

aksa beach mumbai

6. Versova Beach:

This beach is connected to the Versova village which is popular with its fish market and is therefore named after it. It is the extension of the Juhu beach towards the Andheri suburbs. This beach is a beautiful view with the fishermen at their work. This horizon of this beach is also another beautiful view to see. The beach is less occupied but draws a lot of crowd for the ‘Ganpati-Visarjan.’

versova beach mumbai

7. Girgaum Chowpatty Beach:

 This beautiful beach is famous for a view of the horizon between the skyline of the city. It is situated in the southern part of the city. This place is famous for the roadside eaters. This place is important for the immersion of the Lord Ganesha during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

chowpatty beach in mumbai

8. Dadar Chowpatty beach: 

This beach lies in the south of the Mumbai city and is very close to the Dadar Station. This beach is best for people who likes to go out for jogging and have a morning walk. This place is also best to view the beautiful sunset. This beach though less crowded is provides a beautiful view of the Bandra- Worli Sealink. This place is best for a leisurely walk and to enjoy the cool breeze in the evenings.

dadar beaches in mumbai

9. Uran Beach: 

This beach lies between Panvel and Karjat. It is situated towards the end of Navi Mumbai. This place is best if you want to have a break from your busy schedule or routines of your daily life. This place will capture the whole of your attention with the view of the sun, sea and the sand. The remains of the Karanja fort and the distant view of South Mumbai offers you the serene view of this place.

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uran beach

10. Kalamb Beach:

This is a silent beach of Mumbai city near Nalasopara. This place is a paradise within the city yet to be explored by the Mumbaikars. This beautiful beach is best for passing your leisure time. It has some of the best food- joints which you will surely love. This place is best for you to take a little rest taking a break from the day’s work.

kalamb beach in mumbai

Mumbai, the most richest and most beautiful city of India, also has many beautiful beaches. If Mumbai is one mentioned in your itinerary this year, the above-mentioned beaches are worth a visit at least once. The city being the choice of many to fulfill dreams also is a good vacation destination. I hope my effort of taking you to tour the Mumbai beaches is a successful one. Therefore visit these beautiful beaches in Mumbai and explore the beauty of the most richest city of the country.

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